Early War Miniatures

We design and manufacture a range of 20mm miniatures, models and model terrain primarily for the early Second World War era. However, parts of our ranges can be used for late First World War and in Axis service, right up till the end of WW2 in the form of captured allied equipments. Our model terrain systems are built to depict the roads and tracks in use for the early 20th century, but these have practical applications for both earlier and later periods.

In some cases, the equipments deployed and depicted here in miniature, saw service from as early as 1916 and were still on active service in 1939 and 1940 with some combatant nations. The whole era of the 1930's up till September 1939 saw a period of change and the deployment of many different military doctrines and strategy's. For those depicting military forces during the 1930's, you will also find many miniatures here covering military forces used during these times as well. Indeed, much of the allied equipment captured by the Germans after the fall of France in June 1940, saw active service with the Axis forces on many fronts, serving on till war's end in 1945.

The main theme and focus for this range of miniatures is the period from 1939 at the outbreak of the Second World War and on till essentially the end of 1942 and early 1943. This core focus period is designed to capture the spirit those early war years in miniatures. Many unusual models, figures and equipment types are covered allowing you to add to existing collections or start new ones using these miniatures. Items that you might find hard or impossible to find elsewhere can be found here.

Our extensive WW2 ranges cover French, British, Belgian, Dutch, Norwegian, Greek, Russian and Polish Allied forces as well as Italian, German and Japanese Axis military miniatures of the WW2 war years. Some of military equipment in service with these and other nations was imported and exported. Some had local modifications made. The EWM products found here and in our catalogue, we make an effort to cross reference common usage under each country. Where items of military equipment was in use by multiple countries, you will find these listed and referenced.

Toms Tins - Tom Lobley, the original designer of this range of miniatures, has continued to be active making more designs to add the growing Early War Miniatures ranges. This Web store catalogue is designed to help you select and order what you need and provide assistance to cross reference those items used by multiple counties during these early years of the Second World War, used in the late WW1 or later in WW2 as Axis equipments under their designations. On this website (When finished) there will be images of all the figures and models available for you view and add to your shopping cart with ease. I have tried to maintain that figures are available individually to give the buyer the maximum choice from this range and with most basic figures still being at £0.60p each, I think you will agree, represents great value. Where units are offered, I have tried to make the pricing even more attractive.

2015 Early War Miniatures