Updates – July 2017 – New EWM trade stand launched at Phalanx, MAFA and Bovi shows, Business move started, More Decals, scenic’s and other goodies added.

Wow, a really busy time recently. We finished a brand new EWM trade stand in time for Phalanx in June. Started to move the business, if you didnt know, I am moving house and the EWM business to a new location to live beside the sea side. Part of the move involved moving my Armoured car and Jointly owned WW2 Bren carrier (myself and the Perry’s have owned this this 2003) to a military museum near my intended sea side location.

The house move is running slower than planned and is causing some delays at EWM HQ. A major re-organisation at the workshop so we can move the business more easily is also in motion. Saying that, I still have other new models and designs to upload. We show these at shows on the new display stand. If you dont see them on the store, just ask by email. They are made, just not on the store as yet.

A holiday is planned in August and Nigel is running the ship till I return. Orders are running a little behind our usual turn around time currently, and so I thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Thank you for your business and remember, its our job to tempt you………..

Paul [email protected]