Updates – Feb 2017 – New trade shows added, new Late war US jeeps, German tanks, More French Colonial troops, Dan Taylor Castings and other goodies added, see below.

Here at EWM we both design, mold and manufacture miniatures, models and scenic accessories for collectors, modelers and gamer’s primarily in 20mm Scale.  We cover the period from WW1 to the end of WW2 with lots of interesting things for in-between. We make everything you will find on this site labeled as EWM. We do resell some other products that complement our ranges, which we hope you will find interesting and appealing. We have been in business since 2011 and our extensive model ranges are growing all the time covering some obscure, yet interesting subjects. EWM attends trade shows in Europe and the Great Britain where we carry many, but never all our products. There are just too many now so make sure you get your show pre-order in then we can bring you the products you want to any future show. Future shows we are attending appear as the “shows 2017” tab above.

This new EWM web store has several features that make finding our products easier, reward’s our customers with a reward points based loyalty purchase scheme. As this site is launched, it is still a “work in progress” and will see many updates in the near future. It features articles on what we are up to and should prove a lot easier to use and find all the goodies we make and offer. I hope it proves to be a interesting platform upon which to show you the many things we design and make, what we have planned and news about future products. You can be the judge of that one. Unless otherwise stated, all miniatures and models are in 20mm Scale.

Thank you for your business and remember, its our job to tempt you………..

Paul [email protected]