Updates 23rd December 2017:- New Free French added to Webstore (at last), new Range of Italian colonial troops to follow including more Dubats and Askari Infantry and Cavalry types, Business and house move works continue AND a Christmas and new year SHUT DOWN..So, please note that any orders placed from today, will not get posted or worked on until after January 14th 2018. We are using the shut down to have a good sort out, stock up and take a few days off.

Crisis was our best show ever, always my favorite show and not because of the volume of business, BUT, to meet and speak with so many lovely customers is always a delight. plus, the beer there is not bad either! The chance to show case some new things and work with good friends at the show, did in true, not feel like work at all. Warfare also another good show and a big thank you to Reuben of PE2 collectibles for helping out over the weekend. He is terrible though, taking me to a real ale pub two nights in a row….. Lovely also to be trading next to our good friends from Armourfast and such bad luck Nick, losing twice at Perry’s Travel battle in the pub…No body likes to see that!!!

Some of the friends and customers who visited us at Crisis to enjoy my GINGER NUTS…….

Some new goodies for 2018.
Im very much into the wars in East Africa and north Africa currently. Both interwar Abyssinia and the battles there in WW2. A little explored, but totaly facinating period to both model and game around. I would heartily reccomend the work done using Chain of Command for this period from 1935 to 1942. Loads of great free to down load army lists, research, pictures, free mods to CoC to play this theaters available at :


So, some pictures to inspire, with some pictures of the models that have been made already.
Who could resist the 3 man Dubat “ANTI tank team” armed with petrol cans and grenades?
I had a nice Day and splendid Christmas dinner with Tom Lobbly, chief designer for EWM. Here is Tom seeing all the new designs, cast for the first time. I also made a short video of Tom sculpting using a soldering iron and files. Its an old technic, that he first used as the main designer for Minifigs in the 1970’s and 80’s. I hope to edit and upload that soon. Great to here talk about the old days of figure making.
We have made a start on the new planned Danish Army range after being totally inspired by the film April 9th, about the German invasion. I recommend you watch it and who could resist motorcycles with 20mm Auto canons??

I would rather be riding this Nimbus, than the one Harry potter had? Watch out for updates as we build this range from scratch in 2018………

So, wishing you all a Good Yul (Thats a Viking/GINGER NATION xmas salutation) and best wishes for the new year. Thank you again for your business. I do hope to meet and speak with as many of you as possible in the new year at shows, or a planned appointment/visitation here for a Coffee Table chatter morning.

Remember, its our job to tempt you………..and make you smile?

Paul [email protected] 23rd December 2017