The 20mmZone is a brand name for all the former Skytrex patterns that we have remastered and remoulded. These are offered in new formats including plastic resin hulls with quality white metal parts. Some are still all metal kits. In remastering and remoulding these kits we have created the concept of “Blitz- Build”. Where you see this description, the kit can be built in under 5 minutes. We have remastered the kits to include as much of the glorious detail into the parts, thus reducing the number of parts needed to build the kits. In some cases, this has led to a radical redesign where by only 5 parts are needed to be glued to make up the highly detailed kit. In some cases, the Panzer II for example, a build time of 56 seconds is easily possible. The models are robust, lighter than the all metal versions, and covered in glorious detail. BLITZ-BUILD kits from 20mmZone give you more time to paint and play with your models rather than cutting out multiple parts typically associated with fragile plastic kits. The 20mmZone models are designed for war gamers and modellers alike. The 20mmZone is also our trading space name for all trade and war game shows. The concept of the 20mmZone allows both Early War miniatures and Shell Hole Scenic’s, joint owners of the 20mmZone brand, and the 20mmzone branded products to be displayed and sold. Like the sign says, FROM WW1 TO WW2 WITH LOTS OF INTERESTING THINGS FOR INBETWEEN.
2015 Early War Miniatures