6th July UPDATE…more new goodies added to the store and a peek on stuff completing to be added soon.

More Italian L6 tank and L6 Semovente Comando Compagnia ..company command tank with interior detailing, dummy gun, optional heads for crew, Ariels and stowage. these come built and ready, just add the optional parts as required. made from EWM SUPERCAST resin and white metal castings.

L6 Semovente Comando Compagnia
New L6 tank showing the built & ready nature of the models. Just add the optional stowage items if desired.

More new goodies include some wonderful sculpts by Tom Lobley, his horses are the best out there. Circassian Cavalry with dismounted models to follow soon.

Useful for Vichy French forces in Syria, with allied forces Syria and Trans Jordan defense forces. Separate heads, there are two designs old and young faces, shortened French made carbine and traditional sword.

CHURCHILL tanks….here is the Mk4 AVRE with petard mortar. Note the new late war British tank crews which are new designs.

Mk 4 AVRE in EWM SUPERCAST..just decide if the turret hatches are open or closed, add Ariels and its good to go to the painting table.
new French FT 17 models…this is how they come out of the pack…built and ready. Comes with optional trench crossing skid for rear. New EWM SUPERCAST technology.

Thats it for now, more to follow, new Italian L^’s are on the store….Enjoy

25th June UPDATE….More new Italian goodies loaded on the store….

It is very disappointing to let you know that the great HammerHead show planned for the end of July has been canceled. We were very much looking forward to seeing many of our old customers at that show.

Here then are a new batch of Italian models added to the store. These include a new L6/40 in Supercast with more crew, stowage and a broke track marker.

New Italian SPA autocannone trucks in Morris CSB 65/17 and a Lancia with 100/17 Skoda, each with crews and models in Supercast so come built and ready.

Some new Italian Tank crews and a new Italian tank/vehicle stowage set, a concept by Andy Buckland.

Comes with 2 head options for 4 of the models.
enough for 2 models.

I have a whole new batch of Italian infantry and support troops to load up. These are in continental uniforms with even more head variants. I hope to get these loaded up soon……cheers

28th May UPDATE…….new Range of Sudan Defense Force Infantry added and the French White AM Armoured car. Now on the store.

The SDF or Sudan Defense Force Infantry have now been added to the store. Typically dismounted from trucks, these are different from the mounted troopers of the SDF camel and cavalry corps already loaded on the store. These fought battles in the Sudan in the region of the Blue Nile, in Eritrea and Abyssinia.

Available as separates or infantry packs.
White AM armored car

I have both the Somali Camel corps and mountain artillery units made, just need to be photographed and loaded here.

New Range updates….I have an extensive new range for early war British and Commonwealth forces for Middle East thats Iraq & Syria. East Africa so the Sudan frontier battles, Eritrea and Abyssinia. The Far East so Malaya, Borneo, and early Burma operations. All feature separate head options already featured on the store.

There is also an extensive new range of Italian Infantry in “continental uniforms” including Alpini and regular infantry for Europe, North and East Africa. Both coming soon……….

Cheers Paul [email protected]

20th May update…..New Range launched The Trans-Jordan Frontier Force. Tom has been a busy chap and we now have these loaded on the store. The TJFF was involved in a number of actions in WW2 the battles in Iraq and Syria 1941 and makes for a colorful and interesting force. Here we present dismounted troops for either trucks or camels, support weapons and camel troops. Officers with multiple head options.

20 head sets now available.
TJFF troops with Lewis gun on AA mounting

More TJFF will follow in the form of Ford trucks, unit packs and more.

Next update will feature the new range of Sudan Defense Force Infantry and the Somalian Camel Corps troops…..cheers

11th May update. These new Stuart Light tanks are now on the webstore. Early War M3 Stuart light tanks with Riveted, welded and “horse shoe” turrets ideal for US North Africa and Pacific and some Australian operations out there.

M3 with “Horse Shoe” turret in EWM SUPERCAST
M3 Riveted turret in EWM SUPERCAST
M3 Welded turret in EWM SUPERCAST

These new EWM SUPERCAST models are highly detailed, come with early war crewman, optional hull mounted side machine guns, optional stowage items and some with the M20 MMg AA mount. You can decide what options you want and build these to this standard in under 5 minutes. The hull comes Built & Ready in quality Resin, the rest are white metal castings so can be handled on the table top with out issue.

These are more goodies coming but here are two nearing completion. Ford/Marmon-Herington pick up truck for Early was US pacific operations and also used by the Sudan Defense force in Africa. Coming soon. Also the new Supercast Italian L6 SPG with 2 crew, stowage and broken track marker.

UK Show news…….We are pleased to announce that I shall be getting my GINGER NUTZ out again with our first show booked for Hammerhead in Newark, 31st July. So looking forward to this show, its one of the best organised and run shows in the UK. See some of you there I hope, come and get some of my GINGER NUTZ on the show stand, they go well with a cup of tea or coffee.

Thats it for now, more to follow as time allows……. Enjoy

19th April Update – We are on top of back orders and some new goodies can be added to the store. Pleased to report we have caught up on nearly all the back orders. There is a large batch going out on the Wednesday post run (Our post office is half day Tuesdays). A lot of packing will be taking place Tuesday. Thank you again for those with orders for your patience and understanding during recent months.

Having had more long dental treatment this morning, i used the rest of this day to update and photograph some of the new models and “upgrades” that are ready to go out. Its a start, as there are many more to add. These are now all added to the store. More updates will follow shortly.

AEC Mk I armoured car.
British Grant tank
New Cruiser MkIV A13 MKI
New A9 tank
New A10 tank, just add turret and stowage where desired and paint…….easy

New designs and SUPERCAST resins.

I wanted to share a major development I have made here at EWM. Our resin models have been improving over the years since we started to make them. I made a major breakthrough in recent weeks in resin casting. The way we mould masters, how they are mounted, the silicone rubbers and complex blends of catalyst we use and the new resin and how it is added to the moulds, has all changed in these new designs.

The result is a highly detailed fine castings, tracks or wheels on. The ability to reproduce such castings consistently and with many reproductions from such complex moulds has taken many years to perfect. I have been lucky with support from some masters in this business, Jim Brown being one. I developed and made a major step change and improvement in late November 2020. Testing the new methods and Technology involved has taken place to ensure that I just “did not get lucky” one time? The third batch is proof its repeatable and its producing some awesome results.

The results when they came out of the moulds are a major improvement over previous methods of moulding and casting. When I looked at the castings, I commented that they are “SUPER”, and so the name has stuck.

EWM SUPERCAST then is a name I want to use to signal to customers that the model labelled as SUPERCAST is made using these new techniques and materials. As such, you will expect something of a certain quality and design concept. EWM SUPERCAST uses quality, drop proof plastic resin, moulded so that you get a superb model casting with minimal clean up. Other parts will be made from quality white metal castings. Such things as gun barrels, machine guns, hatches or the tiny parts that when either made from resin OR printed parts, are too fragile to be used on models that require handling in gaming. This combination of finely cast resin models, with metal details or exposed parts, makes them perfect for gaming or modelling. The resin casting means the model comes virtually ready made, just add detail as required like hatches open or closed, gun elevated or crew added.

SUPERCAST then enters as a method of manufacture and as a new standard to be recognised. The first models made with this method are the Stuart M3A3 Recce in British and Canadian use.

This is how the model comes plus a selection of white metal 2x .30 cal MMGs and a .50 HMG with the early version front gun mount and an optional folding tilt cover. Just add the options you want, under 5 minutes to add the options you want, then paint it.

First of many using the new EWM SUPERCAST process, a future mark of quality and design.

Thank you for your business in 2020 and heres to making 2021 even better. There are so many exciting new models I want to share with you, but I have to focus on production and orders for now.

Paul [email protected]

28th November UPDATE: Morris portee and Belgian FN63c truck added to store. Thank you for all the emails ordering them, well here they are….Enjoy

27th November UPDATE: More new goodies added to the store including a whole new selection of newly modeled and cast heads and weapons. These are for the British and Commonwealth forces covering from 1914 to 1945 and beyond. More below on those.

New Pith Helmets 20 in a pack.

New additions for the Kings African Rifles KAR including Lewis guns and transport animals. A big thank you to Jonathan at the Medel of KAR museum in the Zambia and Doug Crowther for their information and references that enabled these additional figures to be created.

KAR lewis gunner and number 2 with ammo bucket and rifle.
KAR with camel loaded with stores.
KAR NCO with Thompson SMG. thanks again to Doug Crowther for the information.

I have been developing a range of separate heads and newly worked weapons for British and commonwealth forces from 1914 to 1945 and beyond. A whole new range of British and commonwealth miniatures to cover both Early War North and East Africa and the middle and Far east campaigns.

New British Army weapons set.
Scottish Tam O’Shanter heads
Gas mask heads with Steel helmets
Indian Rajputana, we have 3 other Indian Army heads too.

These head sets are now available on the store. We had so many requests for our separate heads, so here they now are on the site. More to be added soon.

Last but not least, a new Morris Truck with 37mm ATG portee and a painted RIVER section. I will add this shortly along with some other Morris truck versions…coming soon.

New Morris Portee, 4 crew, 3.7mm Boffors ATG, VVehcile is pre-built, just add the crews, gun, side boards and stowage. Its covered in goodies @ £15.50 each

We had the pleasure of making some Roads and Streets for Greg war of [email protected] and www.facebook.com/groups/386297688467965/permalink/941753402922 . He has made an excellent video showing our products that I painted for him. he runs a great youtube channel, a must for early war France and players of Chain of command. See it here at:

See EWM Streets and Roads here.

More new American and Russian models to follow in September.

My good friend Steve Renwick of Battle Zone Miniatures (BZM) has been busy making some great new additions to his 20mm Russian and American ranges. EWM carry all of his products to shows and already has some available on our webstore. I shall be adding a whole lot more as soon as I can in September. These are truly lovely models and Steve has given them the treatment they deserve, taking them to a very high level of detail and ease of building. I’m really proud to be able to offer these miniatures and models along side the EWM ranges. They are totally compatible with my EWM models.

Nearly 50 years ago, Steve and I were mates growing up in Edmonton in North London, then went to the same school and now we work together, helping each other to make and create models and miniatures.

just one of many new additions from BZM.
LVT 4 – just lovely model.
Steve and me during a visit to Peter Valinski’s Entoyment store in Poole. Steve won as he was always into football, me I m a Tennis fan.

Siam in WW2. World war 2 yes, Vietnam but not as we know it?

A brand new range is ready to launch, the Army of Siam 1930 to 1942, with post 1942 additions in the works. A big thank you to one of our customers who inspired and helped us shape the range with both technical knowledge and inspiration. The Thai’s fought themselves in a civil war in 1933. They then launched a campaign against Vichy French Indochina in December 1940 for a number of provinces lost earlier in the 20th Century. Next they fought the Japs and British, initially at the same time, then turned into an axis power with further battles against the British and even Chinese Nationalists.

Update…..We have just finished molding the Thai Military Police forces. These were often the first troops encountered by the French, Japs and British forces.

A link to a film that may interest some. The Army of Siam had the dubious honor to fight both the Japanese and the British forces on December 8th 1941, actually about 2 hours before Pearl harbor started. Amongst those troops fielded by Siam were the Yuwachon Thahan which was a military/political youth organisation.

A short tribute with footage from a film covering the said action here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DmolrpNSXs

The full movie is also worth a watch, the last 30 minutes deal with the build up to war, training and then the fighting against the Japanese. Some great footage of the Yuwachon Thahan fighting the Japanese. Such events, campaigns and battles are “war gaming gold”. These youth troops fought exceptionally well against experienced and aggressive Japanese troops. Combine this with the Franco-Thai war earlier in 1940/41 where Siam fought the French in what is now Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia.

New Range launched
Hit this to see some of the new Army of Siam miniatures just out.

The figures first got an outing with a successful demo game hosted by Adrian White and friends at Tonbridge in February 2020. Righty it won best demo game at this show. Painted By Adrian White.

first Action for the new Siam Army miniatures.

A new range of Vichy French suitable for Syria, Indochina and Madagascar are now available on the webstore. Here are a few more tasters.

Thank you for your business and ENJOY.