Update 19th March 2018 – New Danish Army update…..

For the first time, a list of whats coming, appears at the bottom of this post. Here though, are some tempting photos of the models made and ready so far.

New Danish Army Miniatures release 9th April, 2018. So, I have loaded up all the new Danes onto the Webstore, headers are in place now and the products are scheduled to appear and be available from 9th April, 5.20am onward. Its the day the German Army crossed the border with out asking nicely, and so I thought an appropriate timing to release the models. With much grateful assistance from Danish friends Lars and Lasse in particular, the wealth of information has helped drive the new range.

Motorcycles, we have a good number of Nimbus with lmg, auto canons, side cars and solo versions. Radio and supply are close to completion.

Infantry sections or single figures are all loaded up to. As you can see, a very good number are made and available. More will be added, as I just cant get all the designs in production before the 9th April, but there is a good solid amount already in place ready to go.

Push bikes feature as well with lmg magazines fitted and carrying the Madsen also. I have tried to feature support weapons in action and being carried into place.

Tom has excelled him self here with the Danes with additions from me and my Friend Jan Giesbers with a very fine P38 Linx armoured car model.

So, if its all green, its made, in stock and good to go. If its yellow, masters are made, going in production soon and white, its coming…..
First time I have worked to a list and been this organised, hope it makes sense?

The new, made Italian colonial troops for Africa will be listed shortly…PROMISE.

Remember, its our job to tempt you………..and make you smile?

Paul [email protected]