20th November update: More NEW goodies to make you smile. We continue to carry on as before, with limited post runs in this crazy time. We may still be a little slower than normal, but we are very much worth waiting for.

Lewis gunner and number 2 with magazines in what looks like a canvas bucket. the splendid picture behind shows KAR with captured Italian flag and Lewis gun standing in front.

New goodies, that have been in development for some time are released. Plus, the KAR, Kings African Rifles range has had a spectacular reception, thank you to all who have bought some. We made contact with a gentleman in the Zambia who runs and is establishing a museum to the KAR and helping surviving veterans.

NCO of the KAR with Thompson SMG, made after descriptions of NCO’s being issued these weapons early in the East African Campaign thank you Jonathan of Medal of KAR site.

The subject of Lewis guns came up in that the majority of the rifle sections in the East African Campaigns were armed with Lewis guns, not brens. I highly recommend the FB site called “Medal of KAR”. We have sent some of our miniatures to Jonathan who runs the site.

Other KAR additions are coming including KAR with Mules, Camels (Both used extensively during the East African campaigns), and also Mortars and HMG’s .

New A10 with stowage “Built & Ready”. This is how it comes.
New version of our British A10 tank. Hull comes “built and ready”, just add turret and hull mmg and stowage as required.

We had the pleasure of making some Roads and Streets for Greg war of [email protected] and www.facebook.com/groups/386297688467965/permalink/941753402922 . He has made an excellent video showing our products that I painted for him. he runs a great youtube channel, a must for early war France and players of Chain of command. See it here at:

See EWM Streets and Roads here.

The Kelley Gang – part 1

Last but not least, did I mention “the Kelley Gang”? I came across the story of one of Australia’s most interesting companies whilst working on the new EWM Australian early war range recently. This unit known as the “Kelly Gang”, made a name for themselves fighting on horseback against the Vichy French in Syria during June and July 1941 as part of Operation Exporter. Their actions came from the “Gang’s” reliance upon captured Vichy French cavalry horses to negotiate the difficult Syrian terrain. The circumstances surrounding the capture of  these French horses and the actions of the unit, make the story of the Kelly Gang one that truly stands out in Australia’s Second World War history.

2 figures 1 mounted 1 dismounted. First elements of the 2nd Imperial Australian force, 6th Division Cavalry regiment. Picture behind show the Kelley Gang on operations.

More elements of the 6th Division, Cavalry regiment will follow. It is a most inspiring bit of “war gaming gold” to be found and gamed. In which other WW2 war game could you have marauding Australians on horse back fighting in the hilly terrain of Syria in 1941. Let alone the battles between British Cavalry and Vichy French Legion-airs amount the ruins of an old Roman city at Palmyra?

I shall be uploading these items onto the EWM webstore over the weekend.


6th November update: Something new, a commission by one of our customers, the Belgian made FN63c truck. The Tractor version will follow. A useful addition to the Belgian Army of 1940. Resin body with white metal additions and featuring an open cab with driver and passenger. War gaming models with cab areas filled in I believe, don’t look as nice as an open cab area.

The same truck in Polish Army service 1939 as a heavy gun tow.

Its been a strange time as we would now be sitting in a bar in lovely Antwerp, having set up the EWM trade stand in preparation of the show that is Crisis. We miss our friends from the tin soldiers of Antwerp club and customers who we meet at this most special show.

28th October: Excitement Overload update. You may recall my last update saw a whole load of new masters arrive and others close to completion. Well, here are some of the finished results. KAR and Jap vehicles just added to the store today.

New Kings African Rifles. Separate heads and some weapons and equipment’s. 2 distinct head designs. Useful for East African battles against the Italians, Vichy French in Madagascar and early Burma.
New Japanese Ho-HA half track , So-Da ammo carrier and troop carrier and a splendid TE-RA forward observation vehicle packed with ground to air radio kit and crew.

The new Japanese models are designed by good friend Ade White with crews by me. The KAR are designed by Tom with some minor inputs from me.

KAR carrying a Boyes ATR. Both head designs are shown.
comes with officer directing and radio operator, transmitter and receiver radios and range finder options.
Vehicle comes ready built, just add radios, range finders, cable reel and crews as desired.

We are close to finishing the first Belgian FN 63 truck and the later Rolls Royce Armoured car designed by Tom Lobley..

Main body will be in resin with white metal angled front and roof creating an open interior cab for crew and driver.

I also finally got round to finishing off the ford LRDG truck which has been remastered and now cast built & ready in resin with white metal crews, separate heads and weapons. The new version is now live on the store.

7th October: The new 2nd Australian Imperial force range is now done, molds and labels made, stock made and they are ALL on the webstore. I have added a Boyes Anti-tank rifle with number 2, a senior officer with 3 head options, an 18 set radio with operator. Infantry 10 man rifle sections are now available as a pack along with a 7 man platoon HQ set. I also added a mule with stores and an Ausi leading it for Syria, Greece and Crete. There is also some “bush Artillery crews” been added. The Ausi platoon trucks will follow shortly.

Boyes ATR team
10 man rifle section.
“bush Artillery”
18 set radio team

There are many more on the store just look under Early WW2, 2nd Australian Imperial Force to see more….Enjoy

This week has seen me on “excitement overload”. Why? Well, the finishing of the Australians, Ive been remastering and molding the new early war British and commonwealth types for North and East Africa and the Middle and Far East. More pictures will follow shortly. I had a parcel of goodness arrive from our Friend Ade White, who is a superb model maker with some excellent new Japanese vehicle masters AND I have been finishing a new Belgian Truck for our friend Mike Conroy.

New Belgian FN tractor with the Truck version to follow.

And if all that excitement was not enough, Ade sent me a splendid new book on the LRDG following my mentioning that I have remodeled and tooled the old metal one in the range with a view to adding variants. that and Tom Lobely sent me some new master heads and a splendid Rolls Royce Armoured car to work on…………Im positively bursting!

14th September: Tom Lobley has been a busy chap, I finally got this molded. It comes with metal turret and guns but the hull is built and ready, just add mud guards and front bumper. Lafley White Armored car, with crewman, top hatch covers open or closed, your choice.

Turret and gun barrels are white metal so they wont break with handling.

Perfect for interwar and early war period. It will be added to the store once labels and stock are made. Nice job Tom.

Tom also sent me masters for the Rolls Royce Armored car, 3 versions will be made and an open top version also offered.

Lee Enfield with Grenade launcher………..

For the very latest updates on the new Early War Australians, see the article and updates on this link.https://earlywarminiatures.com/new-early-war-australian-army-2aif-september-2020/

See more, look at the article. Lots of regular updates.

New Early war North and East Africa, far east and interwar British and commonwealth ranges update and developments.

Head mold is made, with over 140 heads delivered per spin. It took me ages to work up the masters, cast them, then super detail the castings and clean up for production masters. Andy will tell you, I could only see tiny heads for ages. Here is the mold being laid out in the EWM workshop.

All tiny little masters.

So each head took 3 gate cuts to flow it fully, thats a lot of cutting. I also double pegged the mold which has resulted in negligible mold slip even when warm.

New heads include 2 Worsleys with 6 pattern seams, 1 Pith Helmet with 4 seam pattern, Field cap with goggles, steel helmet with gas mask on, 4 different types of Indian Army head dress, South African “polo” toppee, Ausi bush hats 3 types/designs, steel helmets with scrim netting 2 designs, steel helmets worn at an angle, with strap on front, with goggles worn and goggles on helmet front, side worn field caps, tankers berry, bare heads……..endless new head types……

I have always been a fan of North and East African campaigns, as well as early war Far East actions too. I have begun a whole new remastering of the models for the British and commonwealth Armies with many new additions for these operations and campaigns. These include New Zealand, South African, Sudan defense force, Kings African Rifles and 4 different types of Indian troops. more to follow as these develop. I do hope the creative juices flow for long enough to see these ranges into products. The multitude of uniforms, head gear and differences is staggering across all British Forces across these fronts and Campaigns. That “richness” of difference, will be captured and offered in the new ranges currently under way.

Webstore updates. Tis true, I am not one for paper work and the many things we design and make, dont always make it onto the webstore. The current pandemic has seen a whole sale collapse of UK and European trade shows where we enjoy showing you such things. The result is, no more shows for a while so, if these goodies are to be appreciated, I must get them onto the webstore. I promise to do better on this front, and get these models available and visible on this webstore in future, promise!

More new American and Russian models to follow in September.

My good friend Steve Renwick of Battle Zone Miniatures (BZM) has been busy making some great new additions to his 20mm Russian and American ranges. EWM carry all of his products to shows and already has some available on our webstore. I shall be adding a whole lot more as soon as I can in September. These are truly lovely models and Steve has given them the treatment they deserve, taking them to a very high level of detail and ease of building. I’m really proud to be able to offer these miniatures and models along side the EWM ranges. They are totally compatible with my EWM models.

Nearly 50 years ago, Steve and I were mates growing up in Edmonton in North London, then went to the same school and now we work together, helping each other to make and create models and miniatures.

just one of many new additions from BZM.
LVT 4 – just lovely model.
Steve and me during a visit to Peter Valinski’s Entoyment store in Poole. Steve won as he was always into football, me I m a Tennis fan.

EWM Orders. Strange times we live in now which do have an affect upon how we transact orders. Some are taking a little longer than we would like due to a number of factors. We visit our local post office in St Lawrence 2 times a week. If we have all the items in stock turn around is pretty quick. Where we have to make product, can cause us delays and some of these order can take in excess of 3 weeks currently. I thank you for your patience if you have been waiting a longer than normal.

St Lawrence is where “Zee Germans” raided our radar station in 1943, but a short walk from where I now live.

Image of what the assault may have looked like in August 1943, landing at Woody Bay from a waiting Uboat, intent of capturing documents, equipment and personnel….maybe.

Painted EWM scenic’ s ARE BACK…..Andy Is now painting roads and track sets so we can again offer our Scenic models painted. Tracks have been loaded up on this store. We are keeping pre-painted stocks so you don’t have to wait for them to be painted. Painted track and road sets cost about 50% more than unpainted models. Roads and Cobbled lanes also available painted.

All painted and good to go. Unpainted £51.50, PAINTED £76.50

Type 76 Vickers Built SPAAG with crew, master by Adrian White. The model is finished and now available. The model comes with a “built & ready” hull but the AA gun requires some assembly. 3 crew supplied. Used by Siam from 1933 till wars end in 1945.

New “BUILT & READY” Citron 23 truck. the model is cast in resin with a sturdy white metal cab roof, front and rear bumper and driver figure.

The model is supplied without the rear canvas canopy which if required, can be ordered separately.

New Japanese Type 95 trucks in two forms. With rear canopy and with out as a pick up truck. These come “built & Ready” with a white metal cab roof and driver. These means the model has an open cab area.

Siam in WW2. World war 2 yes, Vietnam but not as we know it?

A brand new range is ready to launch, the Army of Siam 1930 to 1942, with post 1942 additions in the works. A big thank you to one of our customers who inspired and helped us shape the range with both technical knowledge and inspiration. The Thai’s fought themselves in a civil war in 1933. They then launched a campaign against Vichy French Indochina in December 1940 for a number of provinces lost earlier in the 20th Century. Next they fought the Japs and British, initially at the same time, then turned into an axis power with further battles against the British and even Chinese Nationalists.

Update…..We have just finished molding the Thai Military Police forces. These were often the first troops encountered by the French, Japs and British forces.

A link to a film that may interest some. The Army of Siam had the dubious honor to fight both the Japanese and the British forces on December 8th 1941, actually about 2 hours before Pearl harbor started. Amongst those troops fielded by Siam were the Yuwachon Thahan which was a military/political youth organisation.

A short tribute with footage from a film covering the said action here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DmolrpNSXs

The full movie is also worth a watch, the last 30 minutes deal with the build up to war, training and then the fighting against the Japanese. Some great footage of the Yuwachon Thahan fighting the Japanese. Such events, campaigns and battles are “war gaming gold”. These youth troops fought exceptionally well against experienced and aggressive Japanese troops. Combine this with the Franco-Thai war earlier in 1940/41 where Siam fought the French in what is now Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia.

New Range launched
Hit this to see some of the new Army of Siam miniatures just out.

The figures first got an outing with a successful demo game hosted by Adrian White and friends at Tonbridge in February 2020. Righty it won best demo game at this show. Painted By Adrian White.

first Action for the new Siam Army miniatures.

A new range of Vichy French suitable for Syria, Indochina and Madagascar are now available on the webstore. Here are a few more tasters.

Thank you for your business and ENJOY.