Update 3rd May ….  first showings of the many new Italian army miniatures being added to the store.

New range of Italian Infantry in continental uniforms for Europe and Africa regular infantry,  Alpini and Steel helmets, more Italian goodness from EWM all in 20mm scale…before some ask?

Remastered and new additions to our range of Italian army miniatures adding over 50 new figures to the already huge Italian army range. Includes New support weapon and ATG crews in many new poses plus a new Armoured car, with more to follow.

Here are a few photos to wet the appetite.

The new designs are being photographed over the next week and will appear on our site shortly.

But that’s not all. New additions to our French, Belgian, Norwegian, more Dutch and a huge set of releases for the range of Polish army will follow shortly as these are almost ready.

We have been a little quiet but that’s because we have been working on these releases and firming up plans for the business.

Whats new May update…….

Polish Motorcycles, combinations and dismounted crews are coming. Polish Carts, both infantry MG and mortar carts. Polish cavalry horse drawn anti-tank weapons, teams and limbers. Polish fiat 508 field cars and pick up trucks. Polish mobile SP anti -aircraft guns and crews. Lots of Polish things……..

Update – Carts are made molded, just need photographs and labels……

Norwegian Artillery via a special commission from Mr Mike Conroy, Kronsberg 120mm and M27 mountain guns – made, just doing labels and photo’s…..

Becker German conversion of the French P107 armored personnel carrier, mortar unit, ambulance and Pak carrier versions. I working on the hull, with its unusual shape, being a single piece casting …we shall see?

I also have a desire to list and load all the commonwealth early war infantry types that are made, but not fully photographed and listed on the site. Wow, there are lots and I found some masters I have never molded so, lots to come….

So, hopefully that will wet the appetite, so watch out for updates

Remember, its our job to tempt you………..and make you smile?


Paul [email protected]