Update 8th April…… searching for new business locations as part of operation move house….!

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT EWM will be operating RESTRICTED HOURS  FOR A SHORT TIME FROM 9th April to 23rd April. We re taking some time out and to look for new business premises over this period. The workshop will be manned intermittently so our response to orders will be slower than normal until our full time return after the 23rd. So, any orders placed after today (8th April), will experience a slower than normal service until the 23rd April.

Some new dutch additions were added to the store. These feature a new 6 Veld field gun also used in the ATG role. Comes with ground spade, 2 wheel options and a new 5 man crew. Additionally, we also now do the Dutch conversion of the Ford Model T used by the Dutch KRA to pull the 6 veld.

Thanks goes to Rob Tas, whose model T and 6 veld patterns were were able to purchase top be made into a war games version of his model kits.

Some new Dutch Army dismounted motorcyclists are now made, with a few more to be completed before release.

Some show pictures…..

The shows and servicing them, was also the main reason for the longer delay than usual in turning orders around. Shows remain an important way for EWM to show case its new and existing products to both new and old customers. I also enjoy doing them very much.

Now, if you think about it, we really are enjoying a GOLDERN TIME in our hobby right now. There is more choice, quality of products is better than ever before, there are many new small business’s coming to both show and trade their designs. From a customers perspective, and I’m am one too, I cant remember a better time for our hobby.

Whats new.

Look whats new and coming from EWM…….Tom Lobley has been a busy fellow and celebrated his 80th Birthday recently…HUZZAR! We are also fortunate in that 2 of my good Dutch Friends and model manufacturers have been slowly allowing me to make a “war gaming” version of the models they own. Wargaming version as opposed to a resin model with multiple pieces. As we know, gamers tend to “handle” their models a lot more than fine scale modelers. This opens up a wide selection of unusual models to us gamers. I pay them in GINGER NUTZ…!

Polish Motorcycles, combinations and dismounted crews are coming. Polish Carts, both infantry MG and mortar carts. Polish cavalry horse drawn anti-tank weapons, teams and limbers. Polish fiat 508 field cars and pick up trucks. Polish mobile SP anti -aircraft guns and crews. Lots of Polish things……..

Norwegian Artillery via a special commission from Mr Mike Conroy, Kronsberg 120mm and M27 mountain guns.

New to EWM, former Sgt Majors Late War German Paratroopers…lovely

Crossley Armoured Car, Fiat open top car for military use,  Interwar British and Japan WW2.

Italian Armoured Cars and more SPA trucks mounting field guns, new Auto Carrettta flat bed truck.

Dutch 6 Veld field gun and Dutch version modified Model T tractor unit/caisson for the gun.

Becker German conversion of the French P107 armored personnel carrier, mortar unit, ambulance and Pak carrier versions. I working on the hull, with its unusual shape, being a single piece casting …we shall see?

I also have a desire to list and load all the commonwealth early war infantry types that are made, but not fully photographed and listed on the site.

So, hopefully that will wet the appetite, so watch out for updates

Remember, its our job to tempt you………..and make you smile?


Paul [email protected]