3 new ranges added to the store. Free French Division LeClerc operating from Chad from 1940 fighting battels against both the Italian motorised Saharina Companies and Germans alike in Libya and Tunisia. Fighting along side LRDG and SDF units in deep desert operations.

You will find these new ranges here Division Leclerc: The Leclerc Column. – EWM (earlywarminiatures.com)

Méhariste Colonial French
Colum LeClerc converted Bedford trucks for deep desert operations 1940 to 1943
Laffly V15 towing the 75mm gun of Kufra

So many new exciting new models added to the store. More to follow. All these new French additions will require a re arrangement of some of our trade show racks. Do please pre-order for shows we are attending this year at Partizan and Warfare. See you there perhaps?


Webstore update 1st September

Some more LRDG accessory packs added to the store this week. Just a reminder we are at the wonderful Partizan show in Early October and Warfare in November. The ranges are simply too vast to carry all things to shows, so please do “pre-order” from this website and check out as “collect from store” and indicate which show you want to collect at in the text field.

One of 4 new accessory packs now on the store

Although I try to carry 3 or 4 of each item that we do carry to shows, these can get easily depleted at the show, so please do pre-order where you can, and perhaps top up from what we carry at the shows.

I do really enjoy the shows, a chance to speak with our customers and for you to enjoy my fine GINGER NUTZ! More updates to follow soon including the range of Free French Le Clerk’s desert troops including Legionnaires camel mounted and dismounted, Chad troops, Meharists both camel mounted and dismounted and the converted Bedford trucks for deep desert operations against the Italians and Germans in southern Libya in WW2.

18th August 2022 update

More new additions for the French Army including some sets to make it easier to have the right thing towing the right guns. The most common French Army horse drawn carts and trailer for vehicles have been remastered and remolded.

Mle 37 ATG limber and Infantry cart with new marching pose infantry.
81mm Mortar carts, 1 with mortor in pieces the other with ammunition supplied with the 5 man mortar team marching and leading the horses. Offered as a set.

81 mm Mortar carts with the 5 man team leading and marching with the carts.

Mle Machine gun cart with optional MMG in Anti-aircraft mode and interior detailing.

The most common Army vehicle towed trailer used on all fronts and by the Germans after the fall of France.

Model 37 vehicle trailer.

A new 6 man team carrying the Hotchkiss MMG and ammunition’s into action offered as a set.

offered as a set.

Update 11th August 2022

Tom Lobley recently made an 18/25 Pdr MkV split trail field gun, used across many fronts in early WW2 from France/Belgium to Norway, North & East Africa and the Far East. I took the opportunity to remaster the original 18/25 Pdr MkIV by decreasing the number of pieces and remolding. Further I remastered some new crewman for both these Field guns. Followed by a built & ready version of the Guy Ant field gun tractor unit.

18/25 Pdr MkV split trail field gun and crew.
18/25 Pdr MkIV field gun with accessories and Caisson.

The Caisson now comes BUILT & READY just decide doors open or closed, plus I reduced the price as it is easier for us to produce them. The Guy Ant comes built & ready made from EWM SUPERCAST, just take out of the pack and paint.

Guy Ant Tractor and Caisson come built & Ready, here towing the split trail 18/25 Pdr MkV.

So, these field guns come as just a gun or as sets for Gun plus Caisson, Gun-Caisson & Crew and Gun Tractor – Caisson and Field gun. Hope you like them.

2022 shows…we shall be at Partizan in October and Warfare in November, hope to see some of you there.

July update.

Some more new additions to the French Range in the form of a Schneider Mountain gun in service with the French and Greek Armies. Gun designed by the magnificent Tom Lobley. Available as a single gun or towed by 2 horses.

Can be made in towed or firing positions. Comes with tools and Ammunition box and shells.

A new Early War British Gun set is now ready to be added. A Guy Ant tractor unit, pulling an 18/25 pounder field gun and Caisson. The Caisson and the guy ant come BUILT & READY with optional doors open or closed on the Caisson. The field gun has very few parts and is made from quality white metal castings. The Guy Ant is cast in EWM SUPERCAST resin and is ready to paint. The Guy will be available separately also for £7.75.

As a set for £17.50……..
Guy Available separately

Webstore Update 11th/12th July 2022.

Some new models have been added to the store this morning. Vickers Carden Loyd utility tractors in 2 versions, called “Coffee pots” by their crews.

available separately or with a field gun/howitzer…both options in the kit.

A quick view of the workbench shows a new Italian gun tractor, a remastered series of French Army carts and new walking French infantry types.

The Camels are for a new range of Italian colonial Camel mounted mountain guns

The Italian OC1 tractors will come with field guns, trailers for wooden wheeled guns and separately.


Webstore update June 2022.

The New range of LRDG are now on the Webstore. This range includes Vehicles, figures and accessory packs. Im uploading them today.

Thank you to those customers who had to wait a bit longer than normal for the their orders from us. Orders are now back under control and the usual turn around times are once again in place.

I thought I would make a list of the models and figures made, but not currently on this Webstore. Im making more time to sit down, photograph and upload these missing ranges that are all made, cast and coded, but need to be loaded onto this webstore. It is a big task, one I have been avoiding for too long. So here is a start.

  • Belgian Tri-cars with AA and HMG gun options plus the personnel carrier.
  • A new range of Yaki Indians for the Mexican civil war and US WW1 punitive intervention
  • A new and extensive range of Italian Infantry with separate heads and many new support weapons and crew poses for both the European and African campaigns.
  • A new range of French Colonial Legionnaires on camels and dismounted
  • A new range of Free French “Column La Clerc” models and crews for desert operations against the Italians in Libya 1941 to 1943
  • A new Range of French Colonial Meharist’s on Camels and dismounted.
  • A new range of French Infantry from Indo–china 1916 to 1942
  • A new range of Colonial French Troops Senegalese for Africa, Madagascar and Indo-china
  • A revised and remastered, remoulded range of French Colonial Spahi Cavalry mounted and dismounted.
  • A revised and remastered, remoulded range of French Cavalry for Europe 1940 and before, mounted and dismounted.
  • A new range of Early War British and Commonwealth troops in shorts for the Far East, Middle East and East Africa.
  • British 3.7 Howitzer in 3 designs, 1916 to 1942 with wooden wheels and side shields, Interwar and Early war with Caisson for towing and late war far east.
  • Somali Camel Corps gunners, camel and horse riders for battles in East Africa.
  • Kings African Rifles Vickers gun team and other support weapon crews
  • German 251 Model A half tracks in different versions, with crews in new designs.
  • Japanese Infantry in heavy Jungle camouflage (Ex Sargent Major Miniatures)

These are the ones I can think of, Im sure there are more to add to this list. I would encourage you to nag me, to help get these models available from the webstores.

New ranges and models under “construction” include British 8th Army, Tureg’s both camel mounted and dismounted, Italian OC1 tractor and Italian Camel mounted Mountain guns………


EWM webstore update 1st May 2022

LRDG range exclusive – at the Entoyment Wargaming and Hobby Centre this Thursday the 5th May.

This Thursday the 5th May, will see us visit the best gaming store in the south of England, Entoyment run by friend Peter Valinski. We are setting up a permanent EWM stock stand in his store and this will feature stock of all the new LRDG range of vehicles and accessory kits. Peter offers a huge range of games, models and all manner of gaming goodies as well as many gaming tables for hire. It’s a great space in which to play and buy things for our hobby. I wish it were nearer as I would visit this place much more.

The new EWM stock section will also have a selection of our early war British, French and German models for use in France and the desert operations including some Italian models too. Many of these are from our EWM SUPERCAST ranges. Andy and I are looking forward to the visit to set up this EWM retail space and then enjoy an afternoon of playing games and enjoying time at the store before returning home to the south Island.

This is a first for EWM to have a dedicated stock space at the excellent Entoyment store in Poole, Dorset. We shall be “refreshing the stock” with other items throughout the year. This allows us to present the entire new LRDG range at the store so people can see it and buy it in person at the store along with other EWM goodies he will stock.

all the new LRDG vehicles now molded, made, labeled and stock made.

If you can make it down that day, it would be great to see you there on the 5th May. We are there till around 7pm. Entoyment Wargaming and Hobby Centre. Unit 2. Fleetsbridge Business Centre. Upton Rd. Poole. BH17 7AF.

LRDG Ford 01 (15 CWT) trucks.

New LRDG Ford V8’s in 3 versions

More new LRDG vehicles are the Ford 01 trucks in 3 versions. The last of the new LRDG vehicles in the range are now finished these being Ford 01, V8 trucks in 3 versions. Versions include the Vickers HMG mounted along with either a Boyes ATR or a Vickers K-gun or Lewis. Each features its stores load, being a single resin casting. Both models have 2 crew each with 2 optional LRDG head options and a good selection of accessories. The 3rd is a Medical truck left hand drive, with 3 crewman and a detailed rear area to deal with casualties. All models feature a built & ready truck model onto which you add further details.

Medical truck featuring rear detailing.
featuring the rear stores load, which is a single resin casting

EWM webstore update 27th April 2022

Apologies for the long delay in updating this webstore. A combination of factors have contributed to the delay.

  • I have been working on a new LRDG and allies range of both models, figures and accessories.
  • We had 3 shows in a 5 week period which led to a backlog of orders.
  • I have finally moved into but not yet completed a new EWM studio/office/games room that can now be used for photos and processing work on new models, updates and photographs.

As we continue to grow the EWM business and the ranges we make, sometimes it can take a bit longer than we would like to turn orders around. The factors listed are a bit of a toxic combination, apologies to those who have had to wait a bit longer than is usual for your orders, we really appreciate your patience.

We are at the wonderful Partizan show later in May. Again, we cannot carry all the models in our range to shows so please do pre-order so we can ensure we bring what you want  to the show.

Chevy WA’s in different options.

The new LRDG range is very close to being ready for release, some pictures here to wet the appetite.

When we do a new range, I like to be as thorough as I can be. Tom has been busy working with me on this pretty vast new LRDG range, as has Andy helping in all area’s. the original inspiration book he found is the main cause of the problem…i mean range creation!

The LRDG is one of those rather obsessive subjects, the more you look and appreciate the exploits of the men who fought these machine, their opposition, the allies, the more absorbing the subject becomes. A time consumer on a vast scale. The very many variations of the LRDG vehicles, weapon fits, kit and men makes for a great modelling and gaming subject. The individual character of the machines and men also helps. The range then had to allow for such local and personal characteristics, options for each model. The crew figures all come with optional heads in each kit. The vehicles with optional stowage and the chance to personalise the models. Accessories allow further customization.

Chevy 1533 types including Breda 20mm
1533 with Vicker HMG
Ford F30

The range has consumed much time and effort, multiple vehicle and figure/accessory molds, to enable the models to be available. All part of the job. The more you explore this fascinating subject matter, the more you learn and appreciate what is involved.

Weapon accessory pack
LRDG vehicle accessory pack

Im not one for doing a partial range, so the initial concepts have grown beyond recognition. I hope you will enjoy what has been created.

3 LRDG and a theodolite, somewhere in the western desert 1942..new figure set, one of many.
Getting a brew on…western desert 1941…another LRDG set, figures each come with 2 separate head options
LRDG forward supply dump set

The LRDG and allies includes elements of the Free French Column Le Clerc, who worked with elements of the LRDG in fighting the Italian desert mechanised units. EWM already make a good number of these Italian units, the Free French are new additions to compliment the LRDG models. Those French forces operating from Chad are in themselves, most interesting models and units. More on those later.

Free French in Bedford trucks…we have made them all and some…….news to follow shortly

The new LRDG range includes Ford V8’s, Chevrolet WA and 1533 models and Ford F30 trucks along with remodelled SAS Jeeps, crews and equipment’s. New accessories sets covering equipment’s used but available separately so you can further personalise the vehicles and crews. New figures and sets  further enrich the new range. A selection of photos here show the work so far.

Chevy 1533 with Breda 20mm

You will be aware of the increase in prices across many areas. Those directly affecting our manufacturing here at EWM include a doubling of costs in metal, resin and rubbers for molds 30% + increases and we all suffer from increased power costs. Alarmingly, our suppliers of resin and rubber have already warned of further 15% increases on top of earlier ones already in place.

I am very proud of the fact that I have been able to maintain the original costs for some of the older models already in place when I started the business 12 years ago. Alas, the current price increases now force me to increase our prices across may areas. So, I shall be amending prices on both metal and older resin based models in the near future to allow us to continue in business. We don’t have a blanket price increase planned, but if you notice some increases here and there, you will I hope now understand the causes.

On a positive note, postal prices went up in April, they ALWAYS do. Lydia has been able to work with the post office and we have been able to arrange our post such that we can absorb the recent post office increase. A rare thing these days. Postage for the USA has proven to be difficult, with us having to refund the differences in the post charged via the web store, from those charged by carriers to the USA. I hope we can continue to bring these USA postage charges down or at the very least, refund the unspent parts of the charges raised via the webstore.

More details of the new range release to follow shortly. Thank you for your continued business and interest.

the new EWM office/studio and games room..almost there, but at least we can start to use it now……
some of my treasures have come out of storage after 2 + years…so nice to see them again…

UPDATE 24th January

New on the EWM webstore for your delight are the new Rolls Royce 1920 and 1924 pattern Amoured cars, the Morris CS9 AC, and updated version of the German Grill H SPG , Stug A plus a new Campaign version covered in stowage and ………………. the long awaited Circassians for Syria and interwar actions.

PS a quick pic of Toms latest Master just arrived too – Chevy 1 WB truck for early LRDG actions…….

Raw master new Chevy 1WB just Arrived!

French Desert is also featured and some new models are approaching completion. Le Clerks Free French Column from Chad featuring modified Bedford trucks is close to completion.

Free French using Bedford truck with twin hotchkiss AA and crew….lots more of these nearly ready……

Lots more to add but I must now focus the shows for York and Beachhead coming shortly.

Update 14th January

What a busy week it has been. Some important updates for you regarding shows in February. EWM are attending the wonderful York show on the 6th February and also our local show in Bournemouth, Beachhead on the following weekend of the 12th and 13th Feb.

It is really important that you let us have your requirements for both shows and pre-order. The reason’s are we cant carry everything to shows, the new SUPERCAST models are in high demand and Beachhead is the weekend after York and I wont have much time to restock after the York show.

The last 2 shows we did at Partizan and Warfare were just excellent and we are looking forward to seeing some of our customers at both these events in February. But to avoid disappointment, please do pre-order as soon as you can. Our show stands carry a maximum of 4 items , which can be depleted by just 1 very keen customer, as happened at both shows last year.

York is one of our favourite shows and we spend a day or so after he show, enjoying the many wonders and fine beers to be enjoyed in this fine city. Beachhead is organised by our good friend at Entoyment, the best hobby shop and gaming center I have ever been too based in Poole. Details of this massive and up and coming event can be found at  https://beachheadshow.co.uk/ . More going on at Beachhead than any other gaming show I have ever been too, I highly recommend you try and attend.

Our next show is Hammerhead in March, another favourite. This will be followed by Partizan in May. It is so nice to be attending shows once again and I enjoyed the many chats and catch-ups I had at the previous 2 shows.

New nearly finished Morris CS9

“WHATS ON THE EWM WORK BENCH” is my attempt at getting more regular updates out to our EWM Facebook page, of what we are working on here in the English tropics, in sunny Ventnor, IOW.

new Stug A campaign version 2 crew.

The Circassian cavalry are now finished and loaded onto the store………

the new Circassians….to be loaded up ASAP

I plan to do more regular updates and plan to get all of the “new goodies” loaded onto the EWM website as quickly as I can………..promise!

Steve and me during a visit to Peter Valinski’s Entoyment store in Poole. Steve won as he was always into football, me I m a Tennis fan.

Thank you for your business and ENJOY.