July 14th Update ………..New things launched, Orders update, new things coming, Holiday and restricted hours of operation from July 17th till 1st September 2020.

As we approach the school holidays, here at EWM we are also taking a break. Its been a hectic year as the preparations to move house and EWM to the IOW began this time last year. In that time a lot has been accomplished. Moving house and EWM was a major expenditure of energy and effort. Building the workshop with the great help and assistance of Steve Renwick of BZM, a new store room along with the many house changes and clearing works that come with moving. Lockdown brought its own problems too. Having Andy Buckland work with us has helped a lot, but I need a long holiday.

So, as of this Friday the 17th July, EWM will be working restricted hours. Orders placed from today onwards will be worked on, but you should have the expectation that delivery could be longer than normal. Normal service will resume on 1st September. Until then, it will be mostly Andy working on his own managing orders and production.

Orders are getting out but some are taking longer than we would like due to a number of factors. We visit our local post office in St Lawrence 2 times a week. St Lawrence is where “Zee Germans” raided our radar station in 1943. If we have all the items in stock turn around is pretty quick. Where we have to make product, can cause us delays and some of these order can take in excess of 3 weeks currently. I thank you for your patience if you have been waiting a longer than normal.

Painted EWM scenic’ s ARE BACK…..Andy Is now painting roads and track sets so we can again offer our Scenic models painted. Tracks have been loaded up on this store. We are keeping pre-painted stocks so you don’t have to wait for them to be painted. Painted track and road sets cost about 50% more than unpainted models. Roads and Cobbled lanes also available painted.

All painted and good to go. Unpainted £51.50, PAINTED £76.50

Type 76 Vickers Built SPAAG with crew, master by Adrian White. The model is finished and now available. The model comes with a “built & ready” hull but the AA gun requires some assembly. 3 crew supplied. Used by Siam from 1933 till wars end in 1945.

New things. Some pictures for you to view of new things on going. More goodies made by Tom Lobley, genius master figure maker from down Beeston way.

New “BUILT & READY” Citron 23 truck. the model is cast in resin with a sturdy white metal cab roof, front and rear bumper and driver figure.

The model is supplied without the rear canvas canopy which if required, can be ordered separately.

New Japanese Type 95 trucks in two forms. With rear canopy and with out as a pick up truck. These come “built & Ready” with a white metal cab roof and driver. These means the model has an open cab area.

Siam in WW2.

A brand new range is ready to launch, the Army of Siam 1930 to 1942, with post 1942 additions in the works. A big thank you one of our customers who inspired and helped us shape the range with both technical knowledge and inspiration. The Thai’s fought themselves in a civil war in 1933. They then launched a campaign against Vichy French Indochina for a number of provinces lost earlier in the 20th Century. Next the Japs and British, initially at the same time, then turned into an axis power with further battles against the British and even Chinese Nationalists.

A link to a film that may interest some. The Army of Siam had the dubious honor to fight both the Japanese and the British forces on December 8th 1941, actually about 2 hours before Pearl harbor started. Amongst those troops fielded by Siam were the Yuwachon Thahan which was a military/political youth organisation.

A short tribute with footage from a film covering the said action here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DmolrpNSXs

The full movie is also worth a watch, the last 30 minutes deal with the build up to war, training and then the fighting against the Japanese. Some great footage of the Yuwachon Thahan fighting the Japanese. Such events, campaigns and battles are “war gaming gold”. These youth troops fought exceptionally well against experienced and aggressive Japanese troops. Combine this with the Franco-Thai war earlier in 1940/41 where Siam fought the French in what is now Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia. World war 2 yes, Vietnam but not as we know it?

New Range launched
Hit this to see some of the new Army of Siam miniatures just out.

The figures first got an outing with a successful demo game hosted by Adrian White and friends at Tonbridge in February. Righty it won best demo game at this show. Painted By Adrian White.

first Action for the new Siam Army miniatures.

More new American and Russian models to follow soon.

My good friend Steve Renwick of Battle Zone Miniatures (BZM) has been busy making some great additions to his Russian and American ranges. EWM carry his products to shows and has some available on our webstore. I shall be adding more as soon as I can.

just one of many new additions from BZM.
LVT 4 – just lovely model.

A new range of Vichy French suitable for Syria, Indochina and Madagascar are now available on the webstore. Here are a few more tasters.

Thank you for your business and ENJOY.