Update 24th December, we are closing the workshop for orders till early January. ANY ORDERS RECEIVED AFTER the 21st, will NOT BE WORKED ON TILL WE RETURN IN EARLY JANUARY. I’m taking the time to reorganise my workshop and relax. Might even get some products loaded onto the webstore..?

We would like to wish ALL our lovely customers the seasons greetings, however you take them in your part of the world. Here, I wish you and your family a Good Yule………….

16th December Its the Battle of the Bulge time…!!!

Now the EWM Late War Germans are here…………., in time for the battle of the Bulge anniversary, not your post Christmas over eating issues… Ha ha….

We were able to secure the WW2 20mm scale ranges from the US designer and manufacturer Sgt Major Miniatures and the former “Sojers” rangers sculpted by Alan Marsh, a range created by Toby Barret of Thoroughbread Miniatures.

We are also working with good friend Rueben Turner of PE2 collectibles who hopes to release some of these ranges under his own miniatures manufacturing biz in 2019.

For now, EWM has decided to release some of these ranges that plug gaps in our own ranges from WW2. First off are the Late war German Grenadiers in winter kit. Perfect for the “Battle of the Bulge” battles or others from winter 1944 to wars end in 1945 on any front.

Another example of a great trade announcement and partnerships we are embarked upon.

Dont forget our current work Battlezone Miniatures (BZM).

It is a great collaboration as I have no interest in Russian Army models myself. So working with BZM on these ensures the miniatures look and work with EWM ranges, the same goes for the vehicles. Tanks and soft skins in the EWM “BUILT & READY” formats, infantry packs offered in correct sized units for the periods covered, making them compatible for many rules sets, not least of which being Chain of Command. They are CoC ready units. Figures include separate head designs, with multiple head designs allowing you to pose these as you wish, same as later EWM designs.

It still amuses me to get emails asking if our figures are 28mm scale…? All we do is make 20mm Scale miniatures with some of our scenic s being 28mm scale. The price alone should be enough to tell people these are NOT 28mm figs or models.                                                                                           20mm scale is way cheaper plus you have way more choice…….. 

Loads MORE to follow including our proposed Podcast “Tales from the Casting Couch”………….

Remember, its our job to tempt you………..and make you smile?


Paul [email protected]