Update 9th July – The Russians are coming collaboration with Battlezone & more New Danish Army additions, More Polish guns made as a commission, Late July/August holiday close down announced………

Please note, Orders placed after July 20th WILL NOT BE WORKED ON UNTIL 1st SEPTEMBER as we are taking some time off for short breaks and a short holiday. Nigel will be working on stock at the workshop but not dealing with orders.

The Russians are coming….!
This year I have been working closely with Steven Renwick of Battlezone Miniatures, who some of you may remember, was an old school friend, where good fortune brought us back together again at the Derby show last year after a gap of over 45 years.

Steve has ambitions to create a large range of WW2 miniatures in 20mm, that all work with the EWM ranges. We have been collaborating closely on this very exciting project. In truth, we have been helping each other and are now ready to show you the first fruits of our collaborations…….
Russian Infantry for summer 1941…….

The models are designed with separate heads, some separate weapons to give the absolute maximum of flexibility to the look and feel of the models. Each head type has multiple designs, up to 6 with different faces and expressions.

The Infantry come in packs of 13 men, a typical rifle squad for this period of Russian history.
The 13 man packs come in 4 different designs, so you have those with Pilotka caps, Steel Helmets with or with out coats rolls. LMG sections also available separately.
Officers come in 3 poses and with different head types.

The Russians are coming…………see them at Bovington show this coming weekend.
They will be available on the EWM stand, on what will become a growing range of Russians for early war and later WW2. They will be available on the EWM webstore after the show as well. Many more Russian models, miniatures and equipment’s are being mastered and will appear later this year.
The Models will also be available direct from Battlezone Miniatures on Steve’s site and when he attends shows we are not at, Colours for example.
Those who know me, know that I had no interest in creating a Russian Range but this fabulous collaboration brings some superb models to the market and enhances what EWM can offer its customers across the world.

More Danish goodies also added to the Range. A new Madsen AA gun that can be built firing or traveling mode, with crews. A forward Army field HQ featuring 3 officers, radio on table with operator, field generator and bugler.

We had the pleasure to make some Polish guns for Mike conroy, a very good customer of ours recently. A Polish 75mm AA gun and a monster 155mm field gun.Both will be added to the EWM ranges shortly.

We are at the War and Peace show again this year, perhaps see some of you there?

Advanced notice, we shall be closing EWM during the month of August. I have decided to take some time out and several short breaks during this period. Any orders placed after the 20th July will not get worked on until I am officially back in the office at the end of August.

Remember, its our job to tempt you………..and make you smile?

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