I started EWM back in late 2010 and went live as a very small hobby/business launching the first EWM catalog on January 1st 2011. An awful lot has changed since then. Our first show was Cavalier in 2011 occupying a tiny 6 foot table. Its a bit different now as you can see as we regularly cover 20+ feet at trade shows and even more at the Crisis show in Antwerp.

Our first Show trading 2011 @ Cavalier, Tonbridge. We started with a small 6 foot trade table.
Tank Museum 2012 with Tom Lobley seeing the new 12 foot EWM trade space for the first time.
Tank Museum 2013 and we grow to a 15 foot trade space.

EWM in 2016, this is our walk in, self service trading space at shows, 20+ foot of walk in goodness to browse and choose at your leisure. We are always out front, ready to answer questions and help customers. We love meeting and talking to our customers here and over the Coffee table chatter sessions as well.

My father was a machine gunner in the BEF that fought in France and Belgium in 1940, being wounded just south of Ypres and made POW till wars end. I have always had a great pride for his sacrifices and a deep fascination for military history and in particular the early war in this region of Europe. As a kid of the late 1960’s and early 70’s, I grew up on a diet of Airfix models and figures, with good side helpings from the Victor magazine. As early as my college days, I was designing figures and models, molding, casting and selling them at my local war games club. I have been a war gamer from my early teens and I love all things from this period of history. Later on I visited many of these battlefields in Europe and collected Military vehicles.

My Father in 1940. My Light Strike Vehicle. Me, Perry Twins and Mr Cound with our old Stuart tank. Me driving, Alan & Michael Perry in our old Carrier @ Arnhem 2004.

So in October 2010, I became the proud owner of a little known range of miniatures designed by Tom Lobley called Toms Tins. Tom kindly gave me the opportunity to take on his beloved range and see if I could in his words “make a go of it”. In 2012, EWM became my full time employment allowing me to commit myself to this business both growing and developing the ranges. I can say now, with some confidence that EWM has truly arrived and we are very definitely “making a go of it”, thanks again Tom.

Now at EWM we design, mold and manufacture miniatures, models and scenic accessories for collectors, modelers and gamers alike. Most of our products are designed for 20mm scale. We cover the period from WW1 to the end of WW2 with lots of interesting things for in-between. We make everything you will find on this site labeled as EWM. We do resell some other products that complement our ranges, which we hope you will find interesting and appealing. We have been in business since 2011 and our extensive model ranges are growing all the time covering some obscure, yet interesting subjects. EWM attends trade shows in Europe and the UK where we carry many, but never all our products. There are just too many now so make sure you get your show pre-order in then we can bring you the products you want to any show. Future shows we are attending appear as a tab above.

So, 2017 sees me preparing to move the business and move house. A lot of major works are going on here to enable that move. In May 2017 Peter Day left EWM in unfortunate circumstances. Nigel has stepped up well is now making some of the resin and plastic Polymer castings as well as doing other casting works and the Latex roads. Tom Lobley continues to make fantastic masters and new models. Lydia continues to keep my admin up to date and helps with orders and packing when she can. I do master model design work, some sculpting, make new models, do all the mold making, mold design and development, Web site administration and development, new product releases and the EWM news web site updates, plus it would seem, I am also chief cook for those staying over during the working week! 2017 is going to be a great year for EWM with many exciting developments coming along.

EWM has a growing number of partnerships with other retailers that we work with us both here in the UK, in Europe and the USA. We intend to expand and build upon these relationships in the near future. A list of our retail partnerships outlets and contacts appears elsewhere on this web site. We also work with a number of others in the games industry making molds and doing some casting work for a other business’s. We try to forge lasting relationships based on mutual benefits and offer things that enhance what EWM and others can offer their customers. In no particular order, we have the pleasure of working with :
Two Fat Lardies
Dan Taylor Model works
Perry Miniatures
Toddies Terrain
Giesber’s Models
CTK publications
Black Lion decals
Rumbling Guns
Mckeeman Models
PE2 Collectibles

A small but important point about “SALES”. EWM DON’T do sales at any time, OR every month OR offer discounted prices (20% off) on our trade stand EVERY show like some companies do! EWM prices are our prices both here on our webstore AND the same with our EWM trade stand and with our retail trade partners. We have a number of trade partners and retail agents who also sell our products. Our trade partners earn their margins and we think it would be very disloyal to undermine them and you our own customers, by selling EWM products via both regular and random discounted sales!
Now, we will occasionally offer new products on a “special introductory offer” basis. When this happens, our agents and partners get the same option and pricing should they wish to also offer the same products at the same time.

EWM now has in excess of 1600 products, a number that is growing ALL the time. We have every intention to continue to continue to invest in, grow and expand the many product ranges, periods and subjects that we cover. We are very approachable, so if you have any questions, email us or better still, come and see us at a show and ask.

Thank you for your business,

[email protected] October 2017