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Webstore update 30th January 2023

More new Army of the Netherlands and Dutch East Indies or KNIL troops now loaded on the webstore.

Army signals unit with officer.
M20 Lewis LMG in AA mode supported on rifle attachment.

The second batch of new Dutch army and East Indies KNIL models added to the store. This batch features M20 Lewis guns in AA modes, new HMG and mortars with 5 man teams for Europe and KNIL. New Army Signals unit updated and new figure added. Solothurn Anti tank rifle units and units pulling the guns into action.

Chain of Command units both 11 man squads and 34 man Platoon sets added for both Europe and the far east of KNIL. The kNIL sets include both Steel helmets with sun flaps AND bush hat options so you can pose as you wish. The KNIL NCO also have optional Thompson SMG’s.

KNIL 11 man rifle squad supplied with helmets AND bush hat options.

The third batch will be uploaded I hope before we go to the Beach head show but will include more KNIL infantry as singles and support weapon.

6 horse team and Dutch Limber with 8 staal field gun…ready and coming soon.
BSA with ATR
BSA 1000 with side car and LMG…ready and coming soon

Horse drawn artillery both 2 horse and 6 horse teams pulling field guns into action. More motorcycles including the common BSA 1000 V twin with side car and M20 LMG AND with Solothurn Anti-tank rifle……….I do like motorcycles with big guns….Lots more still do add and coming soon


As we approach the first 3 shows of 2023, can I please ask you to pre-order for collection at these shows. we are only able to carry 1/3rd of our ranges to the shows and then only in limited stock volumes. The York show..Sunday the 5th February at York race course followed by another awesome 2 day show atBeachHead show, Bournemouth Saturday AND Sunday 11th & 12th February. followed closely by Hammerhead wargaming show..Saturday 4th March. Please do pre-order for these shows choosing the “collect at show” option on the webstore. I look forward to seeing many of you at these shows.

A big set of reenforcements for the Army of the Netherlands is being uploaded to the store. Big thanks to Rob Tas for help with some of these designs both in practical design work and a wealth of reference pictures.

Coastal or Fortress gun with crew.
15 Lang with crew, a serious 6 inch howitzer

All the infantry and Artillery/support weapon crews have been remastered and remolded.

a selection of new Infantry types featuring separate head designs. This includes the Dutch M16 helmets as well.

Too many new things to show here, so see them all under the Army of the Netherlands on the store.

Another addition by Tom is this British 60 pounder Mk1 fitted with either heavy wooden or “traction Engine” wheels. Lovely work by Tom on the gun and the wheels which are cast in White metal really help make this model.

British 60 pounder Mk1

Im adding more Dutch models to the range all this week so do please keep checking the store for updates. Look forward to seeing some of you at the shows….cheers

new 2 horse limber/Caisson with 6 Veld gun and riders.

update December 2022

Just add the turret hatch open or closed and start painting…..£9.50 each

Added the new BUILT & READY Panzer IIIE to the store tonight. I am visiting the wonderful Entoyment store this Wednesday 14th December, to do a restock and add some new lines. Come see them in the flesh….cheers

2nd December update….More new Builds in “BUILT & READY” designs, some new walls and other designs available now on the webstore…….

These are now loaded on the store under Scenery, buildings & accessories. Buildings and accessories – EWM ( on the webstore now so you can purchase them.

This full set of 2 stone cottages and 2 building PLOTZ, all built & ready for introductory price of £47.50

The first of a new range of stone walls also loaded, with 2 more walls ranges close to completion.

Available as a set or as separate pieces. Easy to paint and highly detailed.

the first new models painted and displayed together making up a small hamlet.

The concept of the Building PLOTZ was to provide nice buildings with proper surroundings. Houses on the own on a green cloth look like there is something missing. Buildings NEED Plots, so here are some of the new EWM PLOTZ with buildings, a few figures and models to show them in context.

British Cavalry dismount and take cover making use of the buildings and PLOTZ.

First customers for these new buildings and PLOTZ have shown me some of their pictures, allowing houses to have the required detail to make the table more interesting and provide more cover for miniature battles.

showing the new EWM BUILT & READY cottages and dressed stone walls. You create alley ways between buildings, use rear PLOTZ as front yards if required…..let your creative side loose with these models.

I have created a new 2 up 2 down single story cottage, which can take dormers if required. These come BUILT & READY just stick the chimney pot on and decide front door open or closed….then start to paint it.

side view of the new cottage with optional building PLOTZ

However, the detail does not stop on the outside for these models………

details also on the inside, easy to paint, big enough for figures mounted on pennies……

Interior detailing on these cottages consists of wooden floor boards, fire with chimney breast, and stairs up to the roof space, built in detailed stone partition wall to kitchen with cooker, sink and storage units with door to pantry under the stairs. Open front door, detailed upper floor with partition stone wall and floor boards. This ALL COMES molded in, just base colour paint it and wash for effect. model fighting in or from buildings has never been so interesting and because it come BUILT & READY, you can get it painted and on your table in no time.

its my best design yet all that detail in EWM SUPERCAST Resin, ready to paint out of the pack……
Cottage and building PLOTZ as a set……£26.00 all BUILT & READY

There are more building designs , 2 more types of walls, a range of outbuildings all progressing nicely. Updates to follow…..Enjoy

4th November……The first designs for the built & Ready buildings and PLOTZ and some accessories are now loaded on the store. Building PLOTZ – EWM (

Have the buildings next to each other, or create an ally way between them and the plotz.
the PLOTZ add instant detail to your buildings, character and more areas to put models.

The new building come built & ready in 4 pieces, walls, inner floor, roof and Chimney. Just stick the chimney on, paint it and go.

Some accessories to now all loaded on the store.

nice extra detail to add to your buildings and table.

See them all at Warfare show next weekend…….Enjoy

28th October Update….

And now for something a bit different. EWM scenic’s have some new additions to the range. EWM BUILDING PLOTZ, to go with our remastered model buildings. BUILDING PLOTZ are essentially Built & Ready front and back gardens, yards.

remastered stone houses and EWM building PLOTZ.
BUILT & READY in SUPERCAST resin. House is 4 parts, PLOTZ just 2.

Highly detailed, easy to paint, just add one front and rear for instant building PLOTZ for houses. It’s a concept I started working on 2 weeks ago and a number of designs are now made. The stone built house is also remastered and comes “BUILT & READY” in 4 pieces, walls, inner floor, roof and a chimney. Just paint it and use it. The new PLOTZ instantly adds more detail.

includes removable floor and roof, because I like to put figures in my buildings too.
New EWM building PLOTZ designs.

The next door plotz offers the “use of the adjourning wall” at front and rear. More designs are underway. These will work with other makers buildings with similar frontages.

Additional PLOTZ’s share the same adjoining wall, highly detailed so really easy to paint.
New EWM Building PLOTZ…….in production now. See them at Warfare in 2 weeks time. Pre-order essential.

I also created some other building accessories to add to the table. Some “outside toilets” or Kasi in 3 designs, one with a coal bunker. Another is a mix of pre-war dustbins, just nice accessories to dress the table.

Outside “KARZI’s” in 3 designs, ideal accessories for any table.
Rear view of the out door “crappers”!
pre war dust bins, easy to paint, adds a bit of nice detail to any table.
New building PLOTZ

The PZ IV has 2 new additions with the Wirbel-Wind and OstWind AA versions now supplied with a new SUPERCAST hull assembly covered in Zimmerit. Just a very small amount of building required for the turret and AA gun assemblies, which can be elevated as required.

OstWind with new SUPERCAST hull with Zimmerit.
Wirbel-Wind on new SUPERCAST hull

The 35T has also had a brush up, and a new BUILT & READY Supercast hull and turret with optional crewman and accessories.

New 35T model

Warfare Show is nearly upon us so please do pre-order for show collection and give us as much notice as possible, so we can ensure we have what you want at the show.


2nd October post

Next week sees us at the wonderfull Partizan show in Newark. We shall be proudly displaying these new PZ IV models.

newly mastered PZ IV models

New Masters and models for Panzer IV types, C, F1, F2, F2 Campaign Version, PZ IV H with side Schutzian, PZ IV H with side Schutzian Campaign version and Pz IV H with Zimmerit & Side Schutzian. All come as “Built & Ready” models in highly detailed EWM SUPERCAST resin with optional supplemental stowage and crew with turret open/closed options in quality white metal.


3 new ranges added to the store. Free French Division LeClerc operating from Chad from 1940 fighting battels against both the Italian motorised Saharina Companies and Germans alike in Libya and Tunisia. Fighting along side LRDG and SDF units in deep desert operations.

You will find these new ranges here Division Leclerc: The Leclerc Column. – EWM (

Méhariste Colonial French
Colum LeClerc converted Bedford trucks for deep desert operations 1940 to 1943
Laffly V15 towing the 75mm gun of Kufra

So many new exciting new models added to the store. More to follow. All these new French additions will require a re arrangement of some of our trade show racks. Do please pre-order for shows we are attending this year at Partizan and Warfare. See you there perhaps?


Webstore update 1st September

Some more LRDG accessory packs added to the store this week. Just a reminder we are at the wonderful Partizan show in Early October and Warfare in November. The ranges are simply too vast to carry all things to shows, so please do “pre-order” from this website and check out as “collect from store” and indicate which show you want to collect at in the text field.

One of 4 new accessory packs now on the store

Although I try to carry 3 or 4 of each item that we do carry to shows, these can get easily depleted at the show, so please do pre-order where you can, and perhaps top up from what we carry at the shows.

I do really enjoy the shows, a chance to speak with our customers and for you to enjoy my fine GINGER NUTZ! More updates to follow soon including the range of Free French Le Clerk’s desert troops including Legionnaires camel mounted and dismounted, Chad troops, Meharists both camel mounted and dismounted and the converted Bedford trucks for deep desert operations against the Italians and Germans in southern Libya in WW2.

18th August 2022 update

More new additions for the French Army including some sets to make it easier to have the right thing towing the right guns. The most common French Army horse drawn carts and trailer for vehicles have been remastered and remolded.

Mle 37 ATG limber and Infantry cart with new marching pose infantry.
81mm Mortar carts, 1 with mortor in pieces the other with ammunition supplied with the 5 man mortar team marching and leading the horses. Offered as a set.

81 mm Mortar carts with the 5 man team leading and marching with the carts.

Mle Machine gun cart with optional MMG in Anti-aircraft mode and interior detailing.

The most common Army vehicle towed trailer used on all fronts and by the Germans after the fall of France.

Model 37 vehicle trailer.

A new 6 man team carrying the Hotchkiss MMG and ammunition’s into action offered as a set.

offered as a set.

Update 11th August 2022

Tom Lobley recently made an 18/25 Pdr MkV split trail field gun, used across many fronts in early WW2 from France/Belgium to Norway, North & East Africa and the Far East. I took the opportunity to remaster the original 18/25 Pdr MkIV by decreasing the number of pieces and remolding. Further I remastered some new crewman for both these Field guns. Followed by a built & ready version of the Guy Ant field gun tractor unit.

18/25 Pdr MkV split trail field gun and crew.
18/25 Pdr MkIV field gun with accessories and Caisson.

The Caisson now comes BUILT & READY just decide doors open or closed, plus I reduced the price as it is easier for us to produce them. The Guy Ant comes built & ready made from EWM SUPERCAST, just take out of the pack and paint.

Guy Ant Tractor and Caisson come built & Ready, here towing the split trail 18/25 Pdr MkV.

So, these field guns come as just a gun or as sets for Gun plus Caisson, Gun-Caisson & Crew and Gun Tractor – Caisson and Field gun. Hope you like them.

2022 shows…we shall be at Partizan in October and Warfare in November, hope to see some of you there.

July update.

Some more new additions to the French Range in the form of a Schneider Mountain gun in service with the French and Greek Armies. Gun designed by the magnificent Tom Lobley. Available as a single gun or towed by 2 horses.

Can be made in towed or firing positions. Comes with tools and Ammunition box and shells.

A new Early War British Gun set is now ready to be added. A Guy Ant tractor unit, pulling an 18/25 pounder field gun and Caisson. The Caisson and the guy ant come BUILT & READY with optional doors open or closed on the Caisson. The field gun has very few parts and is made from quality white metal castings. The Guy Ant is cast in EWM SUPERCAST resin and is ready to paint. The Guy will be available separately also for £7.75.

As a set for £17.50……..
Guy Available separately

Steve from BZM and me during a visit to Peter Valinski’s Entoyment store in Poole. Steve won as he was always into football, me I m a Tennis fan.

Thank you for your business and ENJOY.


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