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April 26th 2024 Update

Nice to have a return of the creative Mo-jo. Knee is improving all the time, may even try a little light tennis next week. So, some of the new creations that have been completed since the return of the Mo-jo.

Belgian T13 with optional Armoured shields up or down with 3 crew, Hull built & Ready in SUPERCAST £15.25.

Belgian T13 light tank with 3 crew. Comes with highly detailed ready built hull in EWM supercast. Gun turret and armoured shields and crew in white metal. Shields can be built up or down. Separate head options available when ordering from Belgian steel to motorcycle or chasseur Ardennes Berry options.

New Indian Pattern Vickers MkVI b Light tank with stowage, essential for Far east Malaya operations. Comes like this, built and ready, hull and turret in SUPERCAST resin.
Indian Pattern Carrier with 3 inch mortar. You choose which heads you want when you order from the store. lots to choose from so essential for far East, North Africa and middle east early war operations.

3 versions of the Indian Pattern carrier. The hull is a 1 piece built and ready model in EWM SUPERCAST. Highly detailed model with all the delicate parts in quality white metal castings. Each with 4 crew with separate heads that come standard with sun helmets. But you can choose exactly which heads you want when ordering from the EWM webstore. A command version with 2 radios, gun carrier and 3 inch mortar versions, all come with Bren and Boyes ATRs to mound where you want. Optional sand rails and tow bars included in some kits. 3inch mortar models come covered in ammunition stowed in and on the vehicle.

this is how the hull comes, built & Ready in EWM SUPERCAST. This mortar version covered in ammunition and stowage. comes with 4 crew, so its a tight fit.
Here with Indian crew. Mortar fires to rearward. 4 crew packed inside. Pose the heads how you wish.
Command version with 2 radios, 4 crew and optional weapons, sand rail and tow bar. Build it how you want. here crew with Tam-o’-shanter heads, ideal for Malaya.
Here is the kit for the Command version, so you have lots of options for your build. Come standard with sun helmets, but you can choose which heads you want when ordering on line.
BRC40 Bantam 4×4 car, better known as the early jeep. In British service from 1940, we had 1500 serving in theatres such as Malaya, Middle east and North Africa.

A Bantam BRC40 4 x 4 car , early jeep to most of use. We had 1500 before the traditional jeep went into service with British and Commonwealth forces. Particularly useful for Far east Malaya and middle east Syria/Iraq ww2 operations. Available into versions. The vehicle comes built & ready supercast with 3 crew, each with separate heads sun helmets as standard. But you can order which ever head types you want when ordering from the EWM webstore. Standard 3 man crew of Radio command versions with operator and officer plus driver.

Radio version comes with 3 crew, radio, operator , officer and driver £10.50. Jeep is built and ready just add spare wheel where wanted, and screen up or down, your choice. crew with separate heads so order different heads if required. This one £10.50.

Last but not least, some new vehicle crews in long shorts, shirt sleeve order. One with binoculars, the other map reading. separate heads so choose what you want when ordering. Nice addition to any vehicle North Africa, Middle or Far East.

Dont forget, we are at Partizan on Sunday 19th May. Please do pre-order with us beforehand as we cant carry everything we make to shows. Cheers…………

March 6th 2024 Update

A quick update regards Orders. First Apologies to those customers who have had to wait longer than we would normally take, to turn orders around. The reason is that I have been in and out of hospital for a problem with my knee. This reduces our capacity to work on orders and that combined with 3 trade shows in February and March, is the reason for the delays. So, I thank those customers affected by our problems here.

This explains my hobbling around at the Beachhead and Hammerhead shows recently. The cause has now been identified, so we can get back to normal by the end of March. I have been adding little extras to affected orders by way of an apology for the delays.

Your patience is greatly appreciated as is your business.

Paul T@EWM

January 2024 update…

I’m full of Dutch “inspiration” following my 12 day visit to the Netherlands in October 2023. I had a fantastic time with Dutch friends and model makers and I got to visit a number of 1940 Dutch battlefields.

This Dutch Road block 1940 set is a combination of just some of the new models added to the Dutch ranges following that trip.

I had the chance to visit the Battle of Mill, 10th May 1940 with good friend Jan Giesbers. Here I encountered “Dutch Asparagus” for the first time. the Battle here featured the use of German ‘Brandenburgers’, an armoured train derailed by the ‘asparagus’, a counter attack by Dutch Hussars on Motorcycles…..an attempt to get around behind the Dutch canal defence line……all the ingredients for a great wargame….

A visit to the Grebleline with Rob Taz showed me the unique aspects of the Dutch battlefields. More defence objects were discovered and so now are models in the range.

This time a set of 6 “Asparagus”. I have uploaded these new additions in the Dutch defences on the store. The Roadblock set using some of them.

On my way home I got to spend 2 nights in Ypres where I met this fine gentleman, Bruno, fellow of the fine Tinsoldiers of Antwerp club and Hosts of the best wargames show ever “crisis” and part time beer merchant who happens to specialise in Tongelo, my favourite beer. We enjoyed a splendid night in Ypres and a superb conversation with some former REME chaps. That and a visit to Flanders Fields museum where more reference books were purchased for the coming Belgian army 1914/15 range, currently under development.

A visit to my Fathers battlefield, just south of Ypres at Commines where a 3 day stand by his part of the BEF in May 1940, helped keep open the operations at Dunkirk. I got to spend a lovely afternoon and evening with some truly wonderful Belgian people from this area, spoke with 2 veterans of the battle and met the wonderful people behind the erecting of this splendid monument to the battle May 26 to 28, 1940.

Andy and I did get to record another Tea Time Table Top Chatter before christmas. links here(10) YouTube

Shows for 2024 have been updated on this store.

Last, but most certainly not least. After much preparation, seeking of permissions from government bodies and landowners and with the enormous help of Professor Symonds and the Wight Aviation Museum with whom I work, and not forgetting good friends, we will soon have completed the detailed ground study on part of the site of the the radar station, here on the IOW, where in 1943 a German Kommando raid didn’t happen….apparently? You can possibly imagine that I am considerably excited by this opportunity to explore and detail any finds relating to the history of this place. We shall see what if anything, we find, as we continue to explore and research my splendid WW2 adventure.

At the Beachhead show I hope to give a talk on the latest discoveries related to this incident in 1943, along with a display on the subject at the show. Hope to see some of you lovely people there, or at the other shows we are looking forward to being at in 2024……….

4th September Update

A lot of new models uploaded to the store today. Finished cutting a new mold made late Friday. All the wonderful Becker conversion 21st Panzer P107 German Half tracks are now loaded.

Some new Latex track and cobbled lane designs also added.

Some additional new gaming versions of good friend Jan Giesbers models added just now.

See also the latest Tea Time Table Top Chatter #4 here….(1) TTTTC#4 September 2023 – YouTube

This Vickers Independent has come out super . On the store now.

Last but not least……..its a big one…..

All on the store now….Enjoy……Dont forget Partizan preorders please as show stocks are currently low and with Andy getting married, we have less time to make so pre-order if you can…….cheers

25th August update

Its been a busy old August here at EWM with a number of new projects starting to appear in readiness for when we attend Partizan on 8th October. Partizan is our last show this year as we will NOT be at Warfare this year, for personal reasons. that said, Partizan is a show both Andy and I really look forward to and have been preparing new product releases with plenty of time before that show.

A new Tea Time Table Top Chatter or TTTTC #3 is now out. Its a 15minute update on what we have been working on, doing and games played, over a cup of our favourite brew. here is a link to the EWM channel on youtube TTTTC#3 – YouTube. Im hoping to also post future updates on Rumble as well.

Do please send me any feed back on these short updates and any questions you want to ask us which we can discuss on the short video. It does feature some new masters being worked on and some first castings. We hope to make them every 2 weeks or so.

the New JadgPanther with Zimmerit in EWM Supercast – on the store now.

Some other new additions making their way onto the store right now are these Unic P107 U304 (f) German halftrack conversions. Used by 21st Panzer in Normandy and later, a German conversion by BEcker of the old French P107 Halftrack. These beauties come with a built & ready Supercast Resin hull with drop on Metal front wheel and track assemblies. There are new late war crews for these. A troop carrier, troop carrier command with PAK36, a Mortar carrier, Ambulance and a radio carrier with 6 crew.

Super detailed, Im really pleased with the hull castings in 1 piece, such a complex shape. The wheels and tracks drop on and then fit out as required. More information to follow…..cheers

17th July update…….

Birch Gun, Burford Kegrasse and Vickers Medium now added to the store……

On the store now….more to follow soon…..Enjoy

14th July new Tea Time Table Top Chatter…..

Now you can view our latest tea time table top chatter showing new models including the UNIC P107 troop carrier half track, Birch Gun, Burford Kegrasse, Vickers Medium Mk III and new Beobacktung observation vehicle plus a whole load of chatter. Also, I “birth” 2 of the new molds on camera……

available here on the new EWMTV channel via Youtube here TTTTC #2 14th Jul 2023 video – YouTube


6th July 2023

Some news and updates for you. Our first video Tea Break Table chatter talking and showing you the very latest models, castings from new molds, new masters from Tom Lobley, major news announcement about Giesbers models and us two fumbling our way through a tea break with a camera.

July 6th 2023 – YouTube

We also did a wonderful live podcast with those enthusiastic family at the Battle Bunker HQ. To listen in go to:

Ep.27 Live Hangout – With Special Guest Paul Thompson – YouTube

Our Dave and Our Chris down from Liverpool and spent a wonderful few days with a dear old friend OUR Dave. Andy spanked us a Shogun in the evening……

Thats all for now, plenty to see and listen too,


18th May 2023

Did my first ever podcast with ‘Our Ken’ from the excelent Yarkshire Gamer podcast.

Episode 43 – Paul Thompson – Early War Miniatures | Yarkshire Gamers Reet Big Wargames Podcast (podbean.com)

Most enjoyable conversations, Ken is a great host. For more top notice interesting pod casts go to his Yarkshire Gamer pod cast site at Yarkshire Gamers Reet Big Wargames Podcast | a podcast by Yarkshire Gamer (podbean.com).

We covered a lot of stuff about my entry into the hobby, EWM, Tanks, Submarines………….Hope you like it.

Busy packing new products for the show at Partizan on Sunday, hope to see a few of you there.


16th May update

Just a quick one as I start to find my painting Mojo again. A sneak preview of the new USA early war Pacific range approaching completion.

These are the former Sergeant Major miniatures ranges re mastered. I have removed the heads and molded them with a common 2 mm head post hole. The bases are thinner and some new weapons options now available.

The head options allow you to pose as required.

Here then some of the first castings as I seek to improve my long lost painting mojo……..

once the range is finished these will be released probably in June 2023.


painted up som eof the first castings of the bound Wheat sheaf stacks, made from resin 6 in a pack. new addition to the EWM Scenic ranges.
Painted some of the first castings of the stacks of ammunition box’s. 6 resin castings in a pack.

May 12th Update

Lots to tell on this update. I have been adding a vast new range of British and Commonwealth Army miniatures to the the store. These are designed for North and East Africa, Middle East and the Far east for operations and campaigns from 1930 to late 1942. These to include British Army and Indian army units across Gurka, Seek, Rajputana, Punjab and other regional units like the Burma rifles, the Straights Settlement Volunteer force & Federated Malay states Volunteer force . Those and many more are possible.

11 man rifle squad LMG prone OR moving, head design of your choice…..£7.90
Mule transport features a lot in these campaigns. Now available as sets.
A whole platoon, 39 figures with 3 rifle squads of 11 men, Senior NCO, officer, 2 inch mortar and Boyes ATR with the head design of your choice……£28.50

The ranges feature 1908 webbing, shorts and shirt sleeve order. Some with or without small rear packs and gas mask case on cheat so perfect for INTERWAR and EARLY WW2 in these regions. All have separate head options with a vast selection of head types and designs available. The figures will be available separately and in rifle squad and platoon units. they come with Pith Helmets UNLESS YOU REQUEST ANOTHER HEAD TYPE when you order. Something new I am trying.

The Indian Army options for all these early war campaigns are as vast. Indian figures, support units and rifle squads and platoons come with Rajputana head standard but you can choose any other Indian head option when you order.

We are at Partizan next weekend so please do pre-order so I can make sure you get what you need from us at the show. Some of these new Far East, Middle East and East/North African units will be there.

11 man Indian Army rifle squad, LMG prone or moving options head design of your choice ..£7.90. Full platoon will be £28.50

The plan is to reproduce the range in 37 pattern webbing, with a good start already made. Again, it will be as complete as the range in 1908 webbing.

A new forward command HQ truck on a Morris GS wagon 1500, common in such campaigns in the early war – £14.75 with Morris being BUILT & READY.

Now some eye candy as painted by Tony Jones who does our painting. He recently delivered some of the new Dutch KNIL and Japanese models for the Far East.


I have added a whole load of decals to the Webstore under the country headings. I shall be adding a DECALS category for those who want to go straight to our decals offerings. All from good friend Black Lion Decals in the Netherlands.

British vehicle squadron markings back in stock again.

Lastly, had the pleasure of doing my first pod cast with Our Ken over at the Yarkshire Gamers podcast. I think he plans to publish it next week some time? I will post a link once ready. We covered a lot of interesting subjects, i hope you enjoy it when its available.

See you at Partizan perhaps………Cheers

April 14th updates

More new WW1 tanks and accessories added to the store. These have been remastered and re-molded in EWM SUPERCAST resins with strong white metal gun barrels and accessories.

Some new new sceanic’s also, with more to follow shortly. below some stacks of Ammunition or ration boxs in SUPERCAST resin for £3.75.

A selection of chimneys so you can character to model buildings.

Another new building PLOTZ to be used with our Plotz#3. High stonewall with outside Karzi and strong rear gates. closed up next to Plotz#3, this provides a full rear or front building plot useing the neighbouring next door wall. I will keep expanding the range of BUILDING PLOTZ as they are proving very popular and I really enjoy designing them.

Other news, Tom Lobley has started work on a new WW1 range of 1914/15 Belgian army models. He has just finished a splendid new Polish WZ29 field gun, also used by the Germans and Finish forces once captured. Tom also recently finished some splendid conversions of WW1 British infantry putting them in shorts and with now separate heads. This allows us to do a full range of WW1 middle east British and WW2 Iraq army for 1941 battles. Still much work to do on these, but watch here for updates.

Tom Also made a splendid range of civilians which I have yet to mold. I plan to cast these not on bases, which will prove tricky. The reason being, these civilians can be easily mounted on transparent plastic sheeting helping them to fit into built up areas or countryside alike. That and most people I have surveyed, like to mount their model civilians in groups, so no bases will help this a lot.

Our next show is the glorious Partizan in late MAY. Please do pre-order for that show so we dont disappoint on the day.


29th March Update

I have been remastering and re-molding a number of our WW1 and Interwar tanks now into EWM SUPERCAST built & ready designs. Some have been added to the store tonight, others will follow shortly. These models were first made in 2012 and showed their age. Always popular, they have been updated and Im really pleased with how they have come out.

New Mk IX ww1 troop carrier and supply tank.
French WW1 Schnieder CA 1 now in SUPERCAST

Some new additions to the WWI tank range will also be appearing, these being the Mk IV in both male and female designs.


Some new additions to our EWM scenic ranges are also now made. These include a set of walls all with different angles of turns in them. Im told few makers have stone walls with different turn angles? More stores items for forward supply dumps with stacks of small boxs and spent shell cases in piles, like those found scattered around gun positions, now also in resin. Another update will follow shortly…..cheers

St Chamond now in SUPERCAST BUILT & READY format.

25th February

A whole batch of new and remastered Japanese Tanks and some new infantry in Jungle camouflage added to the store. Really happy with these new models all now in EWM SUPERCAST and come with built& ready hulls, with open or closed turret options for the crew provided. The new type 94 is a new master I made, really happy with it. Labels describe the fronts these vehicles saw action on.

5 new Jap infantry covered in jungle camouflage.
new type 94 with Easy identification flag…..


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