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Updates – September 2017 – Business move works continue, more miniatures added, Price increases on Latex scenic’s and Help Wanted at EWM HQ – apply by email if interested.

It continues to be a busy time here at EWM. Preparations for moving the business continue and I have under estimated the impact these works are having. We are developing a completely way of managing our stock which will when finished, make moving house and the EWM business to a new location at lot easier. Another Military vehicle has joined the others in the museum near to my intended sea side location. Help required – Anyone interested in coming to work with us here at EWM do get in contact.
Price increases on Latex scenic’s. Well, it had to happen as we have maintained our prices on our Latex Scenic’s since they were introduced in 2012. Now, 5 years on and the costs to make them and the pure latex we use have all gone up in that time. I shall be changing the prices during this month.

Pictures courtesy of Mr Briggs from his collection showing some of our WW2 desert ranges in action. Thank you John.

The house move continues to be running slower than planned and is causing some other delays at EWM HQ. I’m totally behind on adding the many new items we have in production to the web store. I’m also updating our trading terms and conditions so that orders may take up to 28 days to deliver. Most orders do go out the same week. However, this change is to cover the many items we make ourselves here, primarily our roads and other latex scenic’s which do take a bit longer. The change also falls in line with the current legislation relating to “distance selling” from the web store. So, I still have other new models and designs to upload. We often show the “new things” at shows on the new display stand. So, if you don’t see them on the store, just ask by email. They are made, just not on the store as yet. I really hope to get on top of new product updates ASAP.

New Italian SPA trucks out now…

September again will see a short “leave of absence” for me to continue the search for new EWM location and business base. Nigel is running the ship till I return. If you order in mid September, please do allow a bit longer for orders to be processed, thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Thank you for your business and remember, its our job to tempt you………..

Paul [email protected] 7th September 2017


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