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April 26th Update ………..Orders update, new things coming…

Orders are getting out, we visit our local post office in St Lawrence, that’s where “Zee Germans” raided our radar station in 1943. We go 1 or 2 times a week only. As there is only me with help from Lydia, orders can take longer if we need to make stock. As of yesterday, we were dealing with April 2nd orders where stock needs to be made. If we have the items in stock, they get turned around as normal. Perhaps in a few weeks when lockdown is relaxed and Andy can travel more easily, we can get back to normal. We thank you for your patience if you have been waiting a little longer than normal.

New things. Some pictures for you to view of new things on going. A new master from our Friend Ade White and more goodies made by Tom Lobley, genius master figure maker from down Beeston way.

Vickers SP AA master by Ade White. Features a 2 pounder QF Mk II 40mm, which will be available separately for all those patrol boat models you know you need?
Mould cutting Friday morning. its also where I do some model creation work and masters. the light here is just so clear.
first castings made Friday.
Tom has been busy, here the raw masters for the Siamese Yuwachon Thahan, or youth army. more on these to follow.
Conversion made for the Panhard AMD 35, with colonial Tank crew. Vichy French Forces, Indo China or Vietnam, but not as we know it?
New AMR 35 ZT 4……coming soon. Vichy French Forces, Indo china or Vietnam, but not as we know it?
Driver and other crew for the Vickers SP AA being made, as and when time allows.

A link to a film that may interest some. The Army of Siam had the dubious honour to fight both the Japanese and the British forces on December 8th 1941, actually about 2 hours before Pearly harbour started. Amongst those troops fielded by Siam were the Yuwachon Thahan which was a military/political youth organisation.

A short tribute with footage from a film covering the said action here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DmolrpNSXs

The full movie is also worth a watch, the last 30 minutes deal with the build up to war, training and then the fighting against the Japanese. Some great footage of the Yuwachon Thahan fighting the Japanese. Such events, campaigns and battles are “war gaming gold”. These youth troops fought exceptionally well against experienced and aggressive Japanese troops. Combine this with the Franco-Thai war earlier in 1940/41 where Siam fought the French in what is now Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia. World war 2 yes, Vietnam but not as we know it?

Thanks again for your patience………..

April 12th Update

What strange times we live in currently. The current pandemic effects are felt, but we at EWM continue to operate but with a limited production function. Please allow more time for deliveries, thank you for your patience in this matter.

I set up Andy Buckland who cannot now travel to work with us until the all clear is given, with EWM production equipment’s at his own Production unit is Cowes, the north of the Island. He today started production of our Latex roads, tracks and Street designs. We hold these in good stock levels. We plan to offer them Painted as we did before, with Andy being the painter. Our plans to do a post run weekly when I venture out for food supplies are working well. This will have an effect on order delivery times. Thank you to all those lovely customers who are being extremely patient with us in these difficult times.

We shall continue to work our way through orders as they come in, but please appreciate our ability to turn these around in our usual fashion is somewhat restricted by circumstances beyond our control. You can place new orders and where these are in stock and we can post them weekly. Larger orders may take a little longer to turn around.

We shall continue to add details of the new ranges we have worked so hard on, hoping they bring a little comfort to our customers.

Thank you again for your patience if you are waiting a for an order placed with us.

Best regards

Paul [email protected]

23rd March update. Changes to Postage charges, More new additions to the Royal Army of Siam and the first Vichy French colonial troops being added to the store now.

Changes to Postal Charges – 23rd March . Following yet more large rises in the Royal Mails postal charges, having kept the prices the same for the last 2 years and swallowed the increased costs, we have reluctantly had to raise our postage rates. Please note that where your postage rate paid allows, we upgrade to 1st class or tracked for non UK. we also add extras to the orders if there is a slight over payment. Free Postage rates have also changed. For the UK its remains at £150 and over, postage signed for remains free. For the rest of the world, Free postage is now for orders over £200, again sent tracked.

Shows….2020. subject to these shows running, we plan to be at Phalanx in June followed by attendance at the MAFVA nationals supporting my friend Steve Renwick of Battle Zone Miniatures. Bovington Tank museum, 11th July on the Saturday, 1 day only show.

A brand new range is ready to launch, the Army of Siam 1930 to 1942, with post 1942 additions in the works. A big thank you one of our customers who inspired and helped us shape the range with both technical knowledge and inspiration. The Thai’s fought themselves in a civil war in 1933. They then launched a campaign against Vichy French Indochina for a number of provinces lost earlier in the 20th Century. Next the Japs and British, initially at the same time, then turned into an axis power further battles against the British and even Chinese Nationalists.

New Range launched
Hit this to see some of the new Army of Siam miniatures just out.

The figures first got an outing with a successful demo game hosted by Adrian White and friends at Tonbridge in February. Righty it won best demo game at this show. Painted By Adrian White.

first Action for the new Siam Army miniatures.

More new American and Russian models to follow soon.

My good friend Steve Renwick of Battle Zone Miniatures (BZM) has been busy making some great additions to his Russian and American ranges. EWM carry his products to shows and has some available on our webstore. I shall be adding more as soon as I can.

just one of many new additions from BZM.
LVT 4 – just lovely model.

A new range of Vichy French suitable for Syria, Indochina and Madagascar will be out very soon. Here are a few tasters.

French Bugler.

These have been on my work bench for too long, time to show them and add to the EWM ranges.

Thank you for your business and ENJOY.


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