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Update 2nd May 2018 – New Danish Army additions update…..

I got some “Danish Inspiration” recently during a very short working break earlier this year. Made the Cavalryman and horse on my favorite beach.

Some more new Danish Army models have been added to the store. I so pleased with the initial interest these new models created and the business that followed. I have just added Infantry squads, platoon Sargent and “HornBlazer” horn blower. Yes, in 1940, horn signals were still being used just like other armies of the Early war period.

What new Danish will follow shortly are :
• mortar carts,
• ammo carriers,
• crews in one piece flying suites manning the 20mm auto canon and riding the Nimbus motorcycles
• 20mm auto canon available separately and with crews,
• Radio Nimbus,
• Field radios and telegraphic communications equipment’s,
• Danish Cavalry
• Morris field car
• Mortars and teams

Some examples from Danish army manuals here.

We had a visit from Richard Clark author of Chain of command fame amongst other things. The Danish Army WILL be featured in the new Two fat Lardies “Early War Handbook” for use with Chain of command or for any one wanting to know the full structure of Danish forces for games. He also like the taste of my ginger Nutz too!

The depth of detail that has been achieved in modelling the Danish Army is due in large part to 2 Danish friends who contributed so much information.
One of our biggest Danish Army customers was one of that countries Ambassadors. We are very grateful for the compliment you pay us by buying these models from us.

Please be aware that we are taking a series of short break holidays between 3rd May and the 14th. So, if you order between these dates, we wont be working on orders even if we are here. Thanks for your patience in this matter.

Our next show is Phalanx in St Hellens in June, see some of you there perhaps.

The new, made Italian colonial troops for Africa will be listed shortly…PROMISE.

Remember, its our job to tempt you………..and make you smile?

Paul [email protected]


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