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January 22nd Update………..The new Jap range is loaded on the site, with some more exciting additions to follow.

Shows….early 2020. We are at the York Show, Beach Head in Bournemouth, visiting On Track in Folkestone and then at Cavalier in Tonbridge. March will see us at Hammerhead.

Model 98 (1938) 20mm Anti-aircraft/anti-tank automatic cannon. Can be mounted on wheels OR tripod. 5 crew operating weapon.

The new range features many figures with separate head options. So far there are 15 different head designs. These separate heads allow you to make your figures look more individual. A number of different weapons have been added, rear packs both cast on or can be added where required.

Model 11 37mm (1922) infantry support gun with 5 crew carrying the weapon

A number of Japanese Anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons have been mastered and added to the range. examples are the Model 11 37mm (1922) infantry support gun offered in both a firing pose with crew and being carried into action. Same goes for the New Model 92 7.7mm Heavy machine gun offered in firing positions and carried by 3 crew and 2 others carrying ammo boxs some with Separate head and rifle options. HMG comes with carry handles cast on, some assembly is required.

Model 92 70mm Howitzer with 5 crew operating the gun and ammo box accessories, Model gun is a 4 piece casting with a 1 minute build time.
Model 93 (1933) 13mm heavy machine gun/AA gun with 5 crew plus ammo box’s

I have finally got around to releasing our new BUILT & READY Panzer IV H, its shown below. Just decide to use the commander figure or close the turret hatch. You can be painting this in 2 minutes out of the pack …..Zimmerite version to follow very soon.

We await a new Workshop shed to arrive today, this will enable us to work on getting our Latex designs up and running as stocks are now running low for our roads, tracks and other designs.

A brand new range will release shortly, pictures to follow in the next update. They fought the Japs, French, British and Chinese Nationalists, o and themselves in a civil war in 1933. I hope to have these available at York and shows following………

Thank you for your business and ENJOY.


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