Jobs at EWM in Ventnor

When we move EWM to Ventnor on the Isle of Wight on 20th September, we shall be needing someone to come and join the team some time in September/October. If you are interested in working with us, see below and if you think this is something for you, please email me.

What are we looking for?

You need a good work ethic, be flexible and have some practical skills suitable to what we do. Good customer service is key as taking orders, handling money and being the friendly face of EWM at trade shows is part of the job. Good eyesight and attention to detail is key. Packing and dispatching customer orders and some basic administration are part of the role.

I’m looking for someone with some working knowledge of all things WW1 to WW2 land combat wise i.e. vehicles, uniforms and equipment. You may be interested in and playing table top gaming or model making, if so, that is an advantage. Having an interest and knowledge of the subjects we cover with our miniatures would be a real advantage. Having a passion and interest for history, model making and/or sculpting/design in the subjects we make models for would be fantastic.

Some practical knowledge of casting is preferred, but full training on casting, mold making, plastic Vac forming and resin casting/Resin mold making will be provided for the right person. Additionally, If you can answer some or all of these questions, you may be who we are looking for?

Do you know the differences between a Panzer 1 and a Panzer 2 ? Do you know why an early war British tank was called the Matilda and which is best, a Matilda 1 or Matilda 2? What year did Italy invade Abyssinia and why? The difference between a WW1 Mark 5 Male and Female tank is?

Just a few questions to test your knowledge of the periods we making miniatures for……..

If you want to explore the chance to come and work with EWM then please send me your details on an email to [email protected] and tell me more about yourself, what skills and experiences you have and why you want to work with me at EWM.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Paul [email protected]


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