Nazi commandos, uboats and cliff top raid on radar station in England – the story continues.

Nazi commandos! Uboats off shore! Secret raid on cliff top radar station! No, it’s not a headline from a Victor boys all action comic from the 1970s! It’s here, right now, where I am sitting typing this update! I kid you NOT! And before the suspicious ones amongst you say, I knew all the time, that’s why I’m here on an “adventure”, well your wrong! Wrong wrong wrong.

I do however, by complete chance and good fortune, happen to have with me, my trusty metal detector! Ha Haaa!
So, what’s it all about? According to a book launched last week (I know you still don’t believe me when I say I knew nothing), the Germans mounted a successful commando raid upon a a cliff top British radar station, humm, well about 800 yards from where I am right now, looking out over the sea!

A tale of daring do, a fiction, a truth long covered up by government officials determined not to give the Germans any credit for their tit for tat commando raid upon Englands shores? Who knows, but a lot of people down here believe it happened, some claim and give evidence supporting it, and now a book gives more evidence supporting it.
Well, for me, and you could not make this one up even if you tried, to be placed by good fortune and circumstance, here, in this beautiful part of England, to now set of on a quest, to see if it could really be true, that. German U boat sailed close off this very shore that I gaze upon right now. To think that German jack boots plodded up the beach and cliff side accent I have tread only but yesterday! That highly trained German commandos assaulted a British radar station, whose remains I gazed upon only yesterday?
Now, who would have thought it, that fate would put me, me here in this place, in this moment? Bloody hell and thank you very much.
It’s strange but nice, when such things happen, unplanned like this. Now, where is my metal detector???
Further reports will follow from the battleground!
I feel a new mini range of figures coming on…………….

A short update 1st Jan 2017
I’ve finished the book now and will be walking to the radar station in the morning.
Here’s a pod cast by the author being interviewed and he presents some of the EVIDENCE . Buy the book, visit the site and make your own mind up.


A short update 3rd January.

By way of an update on my German Commandos, uboats and clifftop radar station raid adventure.
The sun was delightful yesterday and again today as I’m crossing Sea returning home as I type this update. What an adventure, unplanned yet totally gripping with high degrees of excitement, anticipation and discovery.
Yesterday I got to visit the site of the landing beach and walk part of the radar station. It’s was a crisp, clear day, cold but bathed in glorious sunshine. I had my detector with me. By the beach, there is some slightly higher ground over which you can see and select the best “covered approach” to the now visible radar station with its bunkers and 2 sets of concrete bases that once mounted the radar Aries. From beach head at the top of the cliff, to the radar bunkers, I would estimate 650 to 750 yards max. A number of “approach routes are visible, so I selected the most accessible one. Along this approach march, some short distance from the clifftop entry point, I found a number of interesting items!
I’m bringing them home to clean and look for more evidence on them and then research them in more detail before I make any pronouncement. The items are caked in mud and fragile, so I want to clean them carefully.
To say I was excited upon my discoveries, would considerably understate how I felt!!!! I was in some degree of shock and carried away by what this might mean, what to do with my finds, who to tell? To find so much, so quickly when looking at the ground by putting a military head on I.e covered approach route selection, also surprised me.
So, my adventure on the Island ends, but another may open up. In fact, one already has. A friend, Michael Perry is already planning a skirmish game, building terrain for the “German Commando” raid. He’s already ordered the pylons. He’s as desperate as I am to see the discoveries cleaned and then we can tell what they really are, from what they appear, caked in mud, to be…….
One thing is sure, I totally know the ground there now, I now know all the “back story, evidence both hard and supportive” available. Mr Perry is planning a fine game based on what is suggested to have happened, and I can dine out on the whole story for quite some time I suspect? Both with what I have found, how it felt at the time of discovery and what they turn out to be? Either way, it’s been a fantastic adventure, unplanned but extremely welcome. I feel so blessed to have had this experience, no matter what happens next.

Some photos of the glorious day of the search.

Woody Bay, the site of the German Landings apparently.

Me showing Chester, my able assistant where the Uboat might have been, when the Germans climbed into their rubber dinghies.

Our first find……..a £1 coin.

A big signal………

We then find the remains of a barbed wire stake, still in situ on the cliff top, above the landing beach.

A so, after determining a number of likely “covered approaches” to the target for the Germans, within minutes I get an interesting signal, from a good “position” along an approach route.

Bloody HELL! You can not begin to appreciate my excitement at what was found, well here it is. So in this moment, my mind is racing, here in my hand, might be a German rifle bullet casing from the claimed Commando raid in 1943! Have I stumbled upon something significant here? My mind races, full of intense excitement and wonder. Its a beautiful sunny day, I am here searching the very ground upon which it is claimed the German commandos raided a British, cliff top radar station. Totally boys own stuff indeed and such an adventure is hard to summerise how one feels in such moments!
well it certainly looks that way, but I have a lot of checking to do. I know what a British .303 looks like, it has a distinct rim on the base of the casing. This was no .303 ! It has what looks like a German styled bullet with extraction flange which features a flat based case with an angled feeding and extraction groove just up from the bottom, common in bolt-action rifles and machine guns in WW2.

The top of the casing is missing, damaged, rotted on all the examples so an exact length cannot be determined.

Another picture of the find. I did shoot a short video of the following finds being “found and extracted”.

I searched a little more and found a further 10 rounds all in one place, all looking the same but in various states of decay. All videoed during extraction.

A short update 5th January
Work has so far prevented me from doing any more with the finds other than to look up WW2 period cartridge casing and identification. Its a very complex subject, but I am plodding through. I thought us war gamers were geeky, but you should try reading up on spent rifle cartridges!!!!!

An update will follow. I am taking advice from a old friend who is a specialist in such matters.


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