New Dutch Army Armored Car 1940

New Dutch Armored car designed by Tom Lobley. This is the Landsverk L180 made by Sweden, used by the Dutch Army in 1940 as the Pantserwagen M36 6×4. Some captured examples were used by the Germans and known as the PZ Sp L202(h).


So the master is built by Tom using metal, solder, some Miliput and a lot of skill. Tom uses some “old school” methods, working in solder and metal for the masters. tom only makes 1 wheel, so the parts with multiple castings needed, are then added to a traditional metal mold and produced. Once these castings from the masters are cleaned up, then added tot he model.   I then, do some cleaning up, exaggerate the detail, add bits where I think the model would be enhanced.img_3702

We are now making all our new models in our “drop tested” plastic Polymers. Making a mold that creates a single, model that is “ready” has taken us at EWM a LOT of effort and investment in new technologies. The M36 then comes “built and Ready”, in a “drop tested” plastic Polymer with a turret that is separate, crewman for the turret with the hatch that can be made open with crewman or closed. Its good to go straight out of the pack. You can spend more time painting and playing than with cutting out bits, gluing, sticking and waiting.img_3700img_3697img_3695

We hope you like it. Its where I hope to take all the wonderful EWM models in our ranges to this “ready and drop test” standard in future.

Available on the new EWM webstore at £13.50 each.


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