New Ruined building, curved road section plus!

Work continues a pace on the new EWM webstore but we are still making new things for release. Here we feature a ruined building with additional “rubble piles”. The building comes with some rubble, but you can really go for it with the rubble packs.

So Nigel Plumb, our resident “resin monkey” (His own name for him self) was playing with making a ruined building pattern from the odd miscast we get, or he makes, when casting our resin buildings. Some might say, that most of what he makes is a miscast, but I would never be so cruel to condone such a sentiment! Anyway, fueled after working hours by the fumes from his day of resin casting, Nigel has created a bullet poke marked building pattern which has now been turned into an EWM product.

The building comes as a flat pack, so easy to post. Its highly detailed as you can see, easy to build and painting is dead simple. The detail is easy to just base coat and highlight.

The rubble packs are extra and available as a separate pack. Ruined buildings look great, but they need piles of rubble around them to make them look right. Our building comes with some rubble, but you can make it even more special with the EWM rubble packs.

The building comes with destroyed floors, stair case, shattered roof, some rubble piles, highly detailed frontages pock marked with bullet and shell impacts. Someone has made a real stand here in this place, it has the scares to prove it. Its £21.50 with instructions, supplied flat packed.

The rubble Packs are £9.50 and can be used stand alone or some without new ruined building.

We have also been working on a new accessory pack for the Armourfast Sherman’s, well any bodys Sherman in 1/72 really. Its the american Sand bagged Armour “upgrade” for Sherman’s. We have made these in “drop tested” plastic polymer. There are a few random plastic stowage accessories ranging from ammo box’s, fuel cans, cammo netting etc included in the kits.

These Sherman upgrades pack will be out shortly.
EWM’s flexible latex roads and tracks are now seeing wide spread use, we keep noticing them in magazine pictures, bloggs and used in published rule sets, which is great to see. We have just developed a new cobbled road section, a long curve, seen here on our latest coffee table chatter discussion. Its over 30cm long, curves gently to about 35 degrees and is highly detailed, eay to paint and very thin and flexible, just like the rest of our road and track products.

So, work progresses on the web EWM web store and web site, some images from the new store, to wet the appetite.

We have a tentative release go live date of 1st January 2017. Yes, new years day 2017. So after you have dealt with your hang over, you can peruse our new webstore and maybe, just maybe, we can temp you with some of our new offerings and products, first seen here on this new store. We have aroud 60 products to release on the new store.


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