Trans-Jordan Frontier Force

The Transjordan Frontier Force was formed, on 1 April 1926, as a para-military border guard to defend Trans-Jordan’s northern and southern borders. The TJFF was also an Imperial Service regiment whose Imperial Service soldiers agreed to serve wherever required and not just within the borders of their own colony, protectorate or, in the case of the Transjordan, mandate.
In 1929, the TJFF was called upon to help deal with Arab unrest in Palestine. The camel company moved to Jericho and a cavalry squadron went to Jisr el Majamie. A second cavalry squadron was raised and dispatched as reinforcement in early 1930.
In 1930, the mechanised company, based at Ma’an, was formed and later that year the some camel companies were disbanded. Motorisation extended the range of the TJFF further out into the desert. In 1930 the TJFF had 980 men serving.

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