1 x Stone Built cottage & building PLOTZ #3 SET, all comes BUILT & READY


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1 x Small stone built cottage single story with 2 rooms up in roof space, 2 rooms downstairs with interior detailing built in. Down stairs there is a partition wall with fire place. A chimney breast and stairs going upto the roof space. The kitchen area has a cooker, sink unit and under stairs door, all built into the model. A separate floor with partition wall allows access via the stair case providing 2 more rooms in the roof space. Separate Dormers available to complete these rooms if required. Cottage comes in stone finish that is “BUILT & READY” in only 5 pieces. These 5 pieces are the cottage with built in detailing an Inner 1st floor, a roof, a Chimney which just needs gluing on the roof and a front door already fitted which can be made open or closed. Literally, just stick the Chimney on the roof, that’s it, ready to paint. Highly detailed both on the inside and outside, designed to go with EWM Building PLOTZ. The house measures 75mm frontage by 80mm deep. 85mm high including the Chimney pots. Model Cottage comes Built & Ready in EWM Supercast resin, unpainted with loads of detail cast into the model, easy to paint all that stand out detail.

Comes with Building Plotz #3 set FULL front and rear PLOTZ. Rear plot is 7.5cm wide and 10cm deep. Front is 7.5cm wide by 3.5 cm Deep. Front plot is a wooden fence with gate and a stone pathway. The rear plot offer a solid high stone wall surround which is 24mm high, brick built outside toilet with slated pitched roof and separate door, separate rear wooden gate with cobbled stone rear yard. Models come Built & Ready in EWM Supercast resin, unpainted with room for other building accessories if desired.


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