2 x British Airborne 6 pounder anti – tank guns

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All these models are made to the 20mmZone Rapid build format, that means each model has a sub 10 minute build time. They are all made from quality white metal castings with loads of detail built into the models.

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1 review for 2 x British Airborne 6 pounder anti – tank guns

  1. garysalisbury42

    A cut-down light-weight version of the standard British six pounder, for use by airborne forces. Typically deployed into action by glider and towed by a para-jeep. One box offers two models allowing for a towed and deployed version. A great little gun and in most rule sets it gets better factors from late 1944 when APDS (Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot) round was introduced. There is one hanging on display at the Airborne Assault display at IWM Duxford.Find info here: https://paradata.org.uk/content/ordnance-quick-firing-6-pounder. Also the 6pdr is very useful for post WW2 conflicts including use by IDF.

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