4 x German 251 halftracks + EWM 251/10 command conversion set

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4 x German 251 halftrack models made by Armourfast plus a bumper 251/10 platoon command conversion kit that has Pak36 gun, shield if required, mount and ammo box’s, 4 figures, and mulitple stowage accessories to dress the 4 models as desired.
Currently only available through EWM and Armourfast military models.
This is the first collaberation vehicle set we have produced giving you a full platoon of 4 x 251 halftracks in 20mm scale. EWM is making many more conversion and stowage packs in collaberation with Armourfast.some are already available on the EWM store now.

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1 review for 4 x German 251 halftracks + EWM 251/10 command conversion set

  1. garysalisbury42

    This is possibly the best value pack offered by EWM – 4 halftracks and the conversion kit for £17.50 (means the 251s are only £2.50 each!). I have loads of these Armourfast 251s and they take only a moment to assemble. The ‘ten’ command kit has loads of good stowage and is a must have for any PG unit in all theatres of the war. I spray with a black undercoat and build up three layers of factory applied DG before adding any cammo detail and weathering. To add extra detail depth I suggest you buy the twin 251 storage pack for £5.00.

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