Bishop self propelled gun towing 25 Pdr ammunition Caisson.


Bishop 25 pounder self propelled gun on Valentine hull towing 25 pounder Caisson. These are EWM Rapid Build, highly detailed models which means there are less than 9 parts to assemble. Assembly takes less than 10 minutes and they are good to go and be painted. They are sturdy designs where Ian and I have used new technologies to mould the sections and we use a composite PU material which goes though a special process we have developed. The White metal parts are crisp and clean.
Note the underside of the model, clean view through the tracks and between hull and floor. No nasty infill here thank you.
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Bishop self propelled gun on Valentine hull towing 25 Pdr ammunition Caisson. The vehicle comes built & ready you just need to fix the turret to the hull. Even comes with a pile of spent shells for out side the vehicle. Caisson is easy to assemble with only 4 parts.


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