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If you buy £15 or more of our Early War miniatures or models, you can get the handbook for £22.
Im personally very excited about this new publication from Richard Clark of the Two fat Lardies. Blitzkrieg 1940 which is a handbook for war gaming the fall of France and the Low countries in 1940. It is a comprehensive look at the armies of Germany, Britain, France, Holland, Belgium and Italy, allowing you to field a whole range of forces to refight one of the most dynamic campaigns of WWII.
I had a long chat with Richard about what he has put together, which only added to my excitement. Its only with Early war in WW2, that you have such a diverse, interesting and dynamic selection of forces to field for gaming and he has captured that feel here, wonderfully.
So, what is in the handbook? Well, in order to wargame any period, it is important that the rules reflect the very specific circumstances and issues which influenced not just the war as a whole, but also the particular campaign. Blitzkrieg 1940 also includes an number of new additions to the Chain of Command rules to cover the events of that incredible summer.
New theatre specific CoC rules include Assault boats and river crossings, parachute drops, glider landings, bicycles, horse mounted troops and motorcycles. We have several new armour classifications for tanks with small turrets, vehicles lacking of radios and unreliable vehicles. New rules on fortifications and demolitions as well as looking at Francs Tireurs, ‘Shabby Nazi Tricks’ in the form of Brandenburg Commandos, Civilians and Stuka attacks
There is a truly massive section on Army lists. It provides a comprehensive guide to the period involving going right back to the book, or more specifically the manuals that the armies of the period issued to their troops. The French Tableau d’Effectifs de Guerre, the German KsTN lists, the Dutch Handboek vor den Soldat and Officier series and many others issued throughout the 1930s and up to 1940. These manuals tell us not just how troops were organised, but how their training prepared them for war and their doctrines. This has allowed Richard Clark to produce not just Army Lists but introduce national characteristics which make each nation unique in the way they fight.
Here is a list of the core platoons that are included.
Line Infantry
Reserve infantry
Infantry scouts
Chasseur Ardennais
Frontier Cyclists
Motorised Cavalry
Motorcycle Cavalry
The Netherlands
Line Infantry
Reserve Infantry
Mounted Cavalry
Border Infantry
Bicycle troops
Motorcycle troops
Airfield Defence forces
First Line Infantry
Reserve Infantry
Groupe Franc
Reconnaissance Motorcycle Fusiliers
Reconnaissance Cavalry
Motorised Infantry
Dragon Portes
Mounted Cavalry
Chasseur Portes
Colonial Troops
Mountain Troops
Ski Scouts
Light DIvision Infantry
Groupe Franc Motorise de Cavalerie
1939 Regulation Platoon
1940 Regulation Platoon
Motor Infantry
Motorcycle infantry
Line of Communication troops
Searchlight Troops
1st Wave infantry
2nd Wave infantry
3rd Wave infantry
5th Wave infantry
7th Wave Infantry
Static infantry
Motorised Infantry
Motorcycle Reconnaissance
Schutzen Type 1
Schutzen Type 2
SS Totenkopf
SS Verfungs and Leibstandarte
SS Motorcycle platoon
SS Aufklarungs motorcycle platoon
Fallschirmjager Type 1
Fallschirmjager Type 2
Luftlande Glider platoon
Blackshirt troops
It goes with out saying that we have the vast majority of this lot covered here at EWM. Alongside these lists there are nearly fifty support option lists giving support choices for a huge number of unit types. So if you have a motorcycle reconnaissance platoon you can select support from the different divisions which fielded that unit type. All in all, the gamer can choose an incredible range of interesting and varied troops types and then choose supports from friendly forces and allies for forces of almost limitless variety. But that’s not all. Each nation has a full Arsenal list for weapons and AFVs as well as comprehensive notes to cover their support options.


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