British Communication trench with Latrines, sheltered areas


British Communication trench with Latrines, sheltered areas for gas alarm station, cook house area, stores, first aid bay or forward communications shelter. The Latrines feature 3 “thunder box’s” and sandbagged wall. Communications trench walls are re-enforced with Wriggly tin and wooden planked walls, topped with sandbags in places. Includes white metal accessories of 3 shaped wriggly tins roofs, supporting beams and table made from white metal. Connects to EWMBT2,3 & 6 only. Suitable for WW1 and WW2. Communication trenches a 12 inches in length and are 6 inch’s where they join other trench modules. When connected to EWMBT 2 & 3 forming a front connected to second line trench connected by this communications trench section, overall depth then is 32 inches. Use strong magnets to join in 4 pairs on the under side of the seams, available from EWM or the internet. Models are supplied unpainted and may need some further cutting out. Comes with full instructions and painting guide.

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