British trench with 2 firing bays to front Parapet & 3 shelters


British trench with 2 firing bays to front Parapet, 3 shelters to take wriggly tin roofs built into the Parados. Parapet and Parados re-enforced with wriggly tin and wooden planked walls, topped with sandbags in places. Includes white metal accessories 3 lots of wriggly tins roofs for shelters.
See the product video at :

Cut and paste into your internet to view the 3 minute video showing the trench systems.

Connects to EWMBT1,2, 3, & 5’s. Suitable for WW1 and WW2. Each Trench system is 12 inches long by 10 inches deep. Use strong magnets to join in 4 pairs on the under side of the seams, available from EWM or the internet.
Models are provided unpainted and will need a little further cutting out. Full detailed instructions for painting are also included.

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