Cromwell gun tank 2 models in a box

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The models are great, very quick to build kits. There are 2 models in each box which represents great value from plastic kits. They go well with our range of models and the Amourfast accessory, stowage and conversions kits that we make for them.

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1 review for Cromwell gun tank 2 models in a box

  1. garysalisbury42

    Brilliant value for money kit which assembles within minutes. I have a whole RF2 regiment of these lovely and fast cruiser tanks for Normandy. These quick-to-build tanks are supplemented, at a ratio of 1 in 3 by the Armourfast Sherman Fireflys. I use a crew figure in the command position to denote the squadron lead tank and the overall CO tank has two crew. I use a slightly differing stowage ‘style’ to help distinguish the different squadrons too. Try using a blob of modeling putty, flattened out and textured with the cross-hatched handle of a rat-tail-file to represent cammo-net draped over stowage etc.

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