Crush the Kaiser – Fast play wargames rules for 1916 to 1918


Crush the Kaiser, Where the poppies grow, a set of fast play war games rules for 1916 to 1918 on the western front.
?Very Highly Recommended indeed? ? Miniature Wargames
Crush the Kaiser rules give you:
; Fast play battalion and brigade level rules designed by wargamers, for wargamers
; Fully researched and historically accurate for the period
; Detailed organisations for all the armies on the Western Front 14-18
Rules are scenario based not points driven
Suitable for all figure scales, no need to re-base your figures
; Company or squadron are smallest units for infantry and cavalry, with a company typically having 14 figures
Rules are written in order of play, so no need to flip back and forth through a book, with examples running through the rules
; Minimum number of dice rolls for casualties
; Four different experience levels for troops from Raw to Veteran, which determines how they shoot and react.
Simple and effective mechanisms for morale at company level, with more detailed battalion level morale only needed if losses are high

Where the Poppies Grow covers the Western Front from 1916 to 1918. Includes rules for using tanks and aircraft, as well as varied artillery barrages and counter-battery fire, gas, mines and stormtroopers.
Tools of Victory has detailed battalion and brigade organisations for infantry, cavalry and artillery for the armies that fought on the Western Front from 1916 onwards. These include British and Empire, French and German and also US, Belgian, Portuguese, Austro-Hungarians and the Russian Expeditionary Corps.
Over by Christmas covers the early part of the Great War on the Western Front from August 1914 to early 1916, and includes detailed organisations for the British, French, Belgian and German armies. Allows you to fight fast moving open warfare with cavalry charges and horse artillery as well as the beginnings of the trench war. Lots of period flavour including improvised grenades and mortars, trench catapults, rapid fire by British Regulars and ?Attaque a l?outrance? by French infantry.

Here?s what the reviews said about the Crush the Kaiser rules:
Miniature Wargames October 2012
?My first reaction on reading through was here is another laudable set which goes to show that Two Fat Lardies don?t have a monopoly on well researched and (I can well imagine) enjoyable to use rules?
?Closer reading soon followed whereupon it became apparent just what a well devised and I imagine heavily play-tested set this is. It would suit newcomers to the period or indeed wargaming as, though complete, the set is very clearly laid out. Also suitable for those more steeped in trench warfare lore who want rules which distinguish between creeping, static, lifting, whirlwind or drumfire barrages and who would consider a set of rules incomplete without rules covering the use of pigeons or dogs.?
Battlegames Issue 28
?These rules, although fast play, are not simplistic, so would ideally suit those players who already have some knowledge of wargames concepts and could sort out worthwhile scenarios and victory conditions. I suspect those who clicked with Rapid Fire could take very well to these rules and might find the change of period refreshing?
?Although the rules are designed for any size of figure…the accent on smaller units means they would be ideal for 28mm. Those with 20mm WW1 forces will find these rules ideal.?
?The mechanisms are quite straightforward as you expect from fast play rules and give a quick yet bloody game?
Wargames Illustrated on-line Feb 2012
?These rules slip neatly into the gap between rules like Through the Mud and the Blood and the Great War on the one hand, and Great War Spearhead and Squarebashing on the other.?
?In a test game the rules were easy to follow, the game seemed to flow and a decision was quickly reached. More artillery was needed to cut the wire, suppress the defenders and to cut off re-inforcements next time I think ? just like the real war thinking in fact!?
Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Issue 59:
?The Crush the Kaiser series is recommended if you want to play large fast play WW1 battles. The rules will provide a great basis for recreating the decisive battles of the Western Front.?

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