Dutch Army 34 man Infantry Platoon with senior officer


Includes 9 rifles, 1 LMG (DutInf ,2,3,4,5(3 figs),6,7(x2) & DutInf 20 codes) – 3 rifleman Squads per Platoon

4 rifle platoons each Company

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Dutch Mitrailleugroupen 34 man Rifle Platoon. 1 senior officer  with 3 rifle platoons made up of 1 x NCO + 8 riflemen & M20 Lewis Gun with 2 crew. These are the newly mastered and molded models supplied with separate head options. These are provided with a steel helmet and some separate weapons. A full Chain of Command ready Dutch Army Platoon. When buying this as a set, it makes a saving of £2.


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