Grill H sdkfz 138/1 150mm SPG in SUPERCAST with 2 crew

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Grill H sdkfz 138/1 150mm SPG with 2 crew, now in EWM SUPERCAST with ammunition accessories and other optional parts. Hull comes “BUILT & READY” with lots of detailing inside. Other parts are cast in fine white metal, so wont break or bend unlike printed parts.  Just add gun and accessories as required.

1 review for Grill H sdkfz 138/1 150mm SPG in SUPERCAST with 2 crew

  1. garysalisbury42

    I love this superb kit, which for so long has been a difficult to find item for WW2 gamers. The very well detailed kit requires a little care and ten minutes to put together; it’s not difficult at all, it just needs a steady hand and for the maker to decide upon how the model is to be deployed, e.g. firing or in-transit. Add netting or helmets and ammo boxed from your spares box for the ‘on campaign’ look. Can be painted in many different cammo patterns depending your choice of unit. So much more sturdy than the plastic options and so much quicker to make. … Oh and you get crew too … bargain!

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