Open track 45 degree bend section


Open Track 45 degree bend section. As with all the open tracks it features a rutted rough unpaved surface with slightly built up verges.
Made of high quality Malaysian latex material that will flex with your terrain features. By using 2 of these track sections together, a 90 degree bend is created.
These will be sold as part of Open tracks set 1. This is a multi-pack containing the following items :
2 x Straights (Open track1), 2 x Rutted straight with 30 degree curve (Opentrack2), 2 x Y junctions (Open track 3), 2 x 45 degree curves (Opentrack4) & 2 road into tracks (Opentrack5).
This set will give you a good selection of model track ways and about 1.8 meters of model tracks.
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