Open Tracks Set 1 – Unpainted)


Open Tracks Set 1 is a multi-pack that includes 2 x Straights, 2 x rutted straight with a 30 degree curve, 2 x Y junctions, 2 x 45 degree curves & 2 x road into track sections. Pictures show the painted straight sections in the set.

Open tracks interconnect with open roads and in this Open Tracks set1, there are two Open Roads into Open Track transition sections made from multi coloured latex to make painting even easier.
Open Tracks come in a chocolate brown colour latex that makes painting in acrylics easy and very good results can be achieved with dry brushing. This brings out all the moulded features in the products.
UPDATE AUGUST 2017 – We are stopping production of these Models in favour of the Rutted tracks. Rutted tracks are the better product and sales far exceed sales for these Open tracks. If you want to still get access to these models for existing layouts, do contact us and we can hopefully make some one off's out of existing moulds for you. We have made transition sections from open tracks into Rutted tracks now also.

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