Trench strong point with accessory pack 1


This code allows you to buy the trench strong point and accessory pack together at a better price. Both are available separatly.

This is the first of my planned range of trench systems suitable for WW1 and WW2 games or diorama?s. The model is made from a high grade plastic vac formed pressing. A good length approach to the trench model makes for a more realistic look with integral firing steps and the parapet is made higher than the parado at the rear. Figures on pennies can be accommodated as well as figures just on their bases. Sand bags, wicker and wooden support detailing is very good and can be easily dry brushed to bring out this detail on the model as shown.
This model is of a strong point, a section of trench not connected to others directly. Common for later half of WW1 and all of WW2. The model measures 27cm by 42cm approximately. The meeting point with the table has a very small step of less than 2 mm which can be cut to nothing if desired with no reduction in stability of the model pressing. This model is most suitable with you want to incorporate into a dedicated terrain tile or system. You can cut as much or as little of the vac formed models edge as required.
Basic instructions for cutting out and painting your model trench system are included. Its low weight means there is no additional supplement to postage anywhere in the world.

Trench system accessory pack is included in this product code and shown on these pictures of the strong point. These are available separately from this web store. Each accessory pack contains multiple duck boards, trench ladders, 3 piles of barbed wire stakes, separate wire stakes, shovels, pick axe, water cans, wooden boxes, a number of small chests, empty wooden boxes – quiet a lot to dress the model trench system. The contents of these packs will vary.

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