UNIC  P107 U 304(F) With 2 radios, 6 crew and MMG. Comes with Flexi-Ariel’s.


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UNIC  P107 U 304(F) Radio Schutzenpanzerwagen (Funk) With 2 radios, 6 crew and MMG. Comes with Flexi-Ariel’s. . Becker Conversion of the old French P107 halftrack. Used by 21st Panzer in Normandy from 1944 onwards.

The 4 radio operators come with seperate heads so you can pose these looking where you wish. Also has a folded map included.

Made from strong, quality White metal and  EWM Supercast Resin Castings. Easy build, Hull comes in a single casting.

EWM bought the rights to make this model in a war gaming version from Giesbers Models some time ago. With thanks to Jan Giesbers and Han Van Oerle.


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