Taking EWM on the Road – York show 2017

Taking EWM on the Road, to a trade show is now, always a pleasant adventure. York in particular as it is one of the best shows in the UK, in my humble opinion.
So, here is a short montage of pictures showing us juggling with the erecting of our trade stand the afternoon before the show.

Once set up, we had to indulge in the pleasures of York city centre and well, just a few beers!

The show starts at 10am, but trade was busy before the doors opened. We were full till at least 2pm. Very full in fact, I could not see peter at times!

I designed the stand to be open, free standing racks packed with goodies. We don’t have a “paper catalogue”, what you see, is what we have. The top boards help to show customers where things are, but from the left WW1, Interwar, Early war, Pacific and then late war.

Late lunch break —–

The self standing racks hold a range of Dan Taylor Decals and our Accessory ranges. The other bigger triangle holds all our new Houses and buildings, town streets, Armourfast models and all the Accessories we make for the Armourfast ranges. Well, you can use these accessories on any good quality 20mm scale plastic kits, they all fit.

The central display cabinate holds some of our models for display, and the top we use to show off recent releases and whats coming soon.

The idea is, you can browse at your leisure. Peter and I are always out front and there to help, answer questions, find things for you if needed.
A paper catalog would be out of date inside A WEEK. The rate at which we release new products, probably 4 days?

I have ideas to improve things for our customers, if you have any comments, do please let us know.

So, if you have not seen our trade space before at a show, I really hope we get to see you at a show.
Paul [email protected]


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