Update 8th December. The Russians are coming & so are the Belgians!

Christmas orders…IMPORTANT, these need to be with me by this Friday 14th December, otherwise, there is no guarantee you will see these before XMAS……

Where does the time go? 3 great shows behind us, and a mountain of orders posted out and still a load to get through. I appreciate your business and ask for some patience during this our busiest of periods.

A number of some great trade announcements and partnerships to discuss. The first two bearing fruit already are further work with Tas Models and Battlezone Miniatures (BZM).

The Russians are coming…! We announced some time ago a collaboration project I was involved in with Battlezone miniatures. Battlezone Miniatures WW2 ranges from good friend Steve Renwick has embarked upon a number of 20mm scale, early war models. Early war 1939 to 1943 and late war 1943 till wars end all in summer uniform. First releases include Russian infantry along with a number of tanks and vehicles.

Steve has always loved WW2 as a period to both model and war game. Our collaboration sees EWM assisting BZM with technical advice, guidance, advise, pattern sourcing and vehicle mold making.


It is a great collaboration as I have no interest in Russian Army models myself. So working with BZM on these ensures the miniatures look and work with EWM ranges, the same goes for the vehicles. Tanks and soft skins in the EWM “BUILT & READY” formats, infantry packs offered in correct sized units for the periods covered, making them compatible for many rules sets, not least of which being Chain of Command. They are CoC ready units. Figures include separate head designs, with multiple head designs allowing you to pose these as you wish, same as later EWM designs.

I shall be loading these onto the EWM store over the next few days…see our Face book site for more detailed announcements.

Second, my good friend Rob Tas, of Dutch based Tas Models has agreed to sell EWM the rights to produce even more of his former retro-tracks masters to be released as wargaming versions. The Belgian T13 B3 is the first of the new “batch” with more lovely models to follow. Wargaming version? Well, the original model is lovely, BUT is made from super fine and brittle resin, comes in very many parts. The WARGAMING version is a “pre-constructed” version with a mixture of metal parts for fragile bits like gun barrels for example, and in our special “drop proof” plastic polymer. Essentially, its just as detailed, comes ready to paint out of the pack and is designed to be handled as a war gaming model. Best of both worlds really.

You may have noticed a number of new Belgian army additions on the site recently? These include remastered Chasseurs Ardennaise including CoC ready units.

Loads MORE to follow including our proposed Podcast “Tales from the Casting Couch”………….

Remember, its our job to tempt you………..and make you smile?


Paul [email protected]