Update 17th September Visit from Richard Clark and Tom Lobley.

Always a pleasure to see Mr Clark of Two Fat Lardies, especially when he is delivering a batch of the new Blitzkrieg 1940,the Early War Handbook. He kindly agreed to sign a number of the copies delivered.

These are now available on the webstore and if you buy £15 or more or our EWM goodies, you can get the hand book for £22, saving you some money.
Im personally very excited about this new publication from Richard Clark of the Two fat Lardies. Blitzkrieg 1940 which is a handbook for war gaming the fall of France and the Low countries in 1940. It is a comprehensive look at the armies of Germany, Britain, France, Holland, Belgium and Italy, allowing you to field a whole range of forces to refight one of the most dynamic campaigns of WWII.
I had a long chat with Richard about what he has put together, which only added to my excitement. Its only with Early war in WW2, that you have such a diverse, interesting and dynamic selection of forces to field for gaming and he has captured that feel here, wonderfully.
So, what is in the handbook? Well, in order to war game any period, it is important that the rules reflect the very specific circumstances and issues which influenced not just the war as a whole, but also the particular campaign. Blitzkrieg 1940 also includes an number of new additions to the Chain of Command rules to cover the events of that incredible summer.
There is a lot more information about this extraordinary publication under the item listing detailing the numerous and detailed army and equipment lists, plus new CoC rule additions specific to this Early War period.

Richard insisted on seeing the new tipi in my garden so here we are. We also had the pleasure last week of Tom Lobley visiting me. tom is a figure and model maker with great talent. Tom still does many of the designs we use at EWM despite his 80 years of age. It was a real pleasure to show Tom how EWM works and discuss over a cup of tea, the latest Polish masters he had made and been cast last week. Tom was the originator of Toms tins, the range of miniatures I purchased over 8 years ago. Tom was also one of the main sculptors for Minifigs in their “hay day” period.

More updates will follow and pictures of the new Polish motorcycle masters too…….

So, its now time to get back to work, turn all those orders around and prepare for the 3 shows we have later this year…………Enjoy

We are just about on top of orders here now, but I kindly ask all my lovely customers for your patience whilst we make all the lovely EWM goodies in your new orders in September.

Remember, its our job to tempt you………..and make you smile?

Paul [email protected]