January 4th Update………..New Year starts with a new Range, well a greatly expanded and revised range. I have found time in recent weeks, to work on revising and adding many new additions to the range of Imperial Japanese Army. I have recently become very interested in this period and army. Some time ago, EWM was lucky enough to take ownership of the former SMM Japanese range. These excellent sculpts have been remastered and remoulded.

The new range features many figures with separate head options. So far there are 15 different head designs. These separate heads allow you to make your figures look more individual. A number of different weapons have been added, rear packs both cast on or can be added where required.

multiple head designs, will fit all figures in the range.

A number of Japanese Anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons have been mastered and added to the range. examples are the Model 11 37mm (1922) infantry support gun offered in both a firing pose with crew and being carried into action. Same goes for the New Model 92 7.7mm Heavy machine gun offered in firing positions and carried by 3 crew and 2 others carrying ammo boxs some with Separate head and rifle options. HMG comes with carry handles cast on, some assembly is required.

Model 11 37mm (1922) still very much in service through out the war.
Model 11 37mm (1922) deployed with crew, ammo box’s and equipment
Model 92 7.7mm Heavy machine gun carried into action.
Model 92 7.7mm Heavy machine gun deployed.

These models are being added to the webstore this week. Time spent on creative things is rare these days, but its been so long since I have had a chance to let the creative juices flow.

These are the books I am reading and studying right now.
firing Model 96 LMG with Bayonet fixed…..

I have an awful lot of webstore updates to make as well. Some work on getting our Latex designs up and running in 2020 as stocks are now running low for our roads, tracks and other designs.

Thank you for your business and ENJOY.