Update 20th February 2018 – Beach Head show and Danish Army update…..

Back from the wonderful wargaming show that is Beach Head. Organised by Peter Valinski owner of Entoyment gaming store in Poole and his wonderful and large team of helpers. A great show now in its 3rd year and getting better all the time. Always a pleasure, even if it was on my birthday AGAIN!!!!

As you can see, Mr Valinski is enjoying eating my GINGER NUTZ……..as did many others at the show. A pleasure to meet and chat with customers, old Pikies and friends alike. A chance to show off some of the new things under development.

The Danish Army, inspired by the film 9th April, a true epic with highly accurate historical detail and a classic Chain of Command style engagement filmed superbly. A recent chat with Richard Clarke on the subject has it seems, inspired him also.

A chance meeting with the wonderful Lars Leonhard from Copenhagen, im so grateful for all the wonderful information and pictures of the Danish Army I action, keep them coming.

Even mid show season, im squeezing in odd moments to work on this range with Tom, who is churning out some awesome masters for the new Danish Army range we are creating.

Here are but a few glimpses to wet the appetite. Official release date will be THE 9TH APRIL…

So far we have Nimbus type c in solo, 2 up, 2 up with madsen LMG, 2 up on side car with officer, 3 up on bike + side car, bike with side car and madsen 20mm Auto Canon, 2 up with ammunition carrier for 20mm auto cannon, 2 up with Nimbus and side car radio carrier – I hope to d crew operating radios also in the set, 20mm auto canon dismounted with crew (You can dismount the motorcycle version also). Work is progressing on infantry types and equipment’s.

Remember, its our job to tempt you………..and make you smile?

Paul [email protected]