Update September 6th  ….The Big move still delayed a little…….20th September is now the date I move…………What does this mean for orders to EWM?

I have sold my house and will be moving both the EWM business and home on 20th September. We are off the initial plan so about 5 weeks behind where I thought we would be now. As from Friday 16th August, orders are very likely to be severely interrupted. If you place an order after 16th,  you may not see it till late in September or even early October due to shifting move dates.

However, some customers have been emailing or calling to see if we have the things they want IN STOCK. This is working really well, if it is IN STOCK, I can turn those things around much easier. Feel free to ask before you order. But if you have a need to take delivery BEFORE early October, when I plan to re open EWM fully for business, then please don’t order from us till then unless I have confirmed back to you thats ok. We will be working on and off over this period, so we will get to your order eventually. Please be patient during this time.

Early October. Thats the new revised date for when we plan to open. My new location will require the building of a new workshop and design studio. Workshop first, which I hope to get operational by early October . Until then we will operate as best we can.

Jobs at EWM.  I shall be looking for some one to come and join me, working for EWM once I have moved to Ventnor. See “Jobs at EWM” post under ARTICLES for more details.

Shows.  We have deliberately dropped out of SELWG for the reason of moving. We plan to have a presence at Crisis, how much depends on so many other factors. We shall be at Warfare in Reading, as normal. We have also committed to attend York in Feb 2020, Beach head and Hammerhead in March.  More will follow as plans develop. I intend to visit the same number of shows as this year. I do enjoy shows so much these days and have no plans to stop or reduce the number of shows EWM attend.

I do thank you for your patience and understanding as we move the business and my NEW home, to the Isle of Wight, in Ventnor. It is a place beside the sea, known locally as “the Edge of the world” and for some of its unusual, creative and interesting characters and inhabitants. I think I’m going to fit in just fine.

New things will be delayed, but the odd moment may occur to allow the further development of such new creations…………..Here is what we have in development:

Belgian Motorcycle Tricar personnel carrier and AA gun platform. We have also made the Maxim MMG carrier as well. Plans are to do a captured version as well with German crews. These are ready but will be released close to the new workshop opening dates.

Belgian FN 63 tractor and trucks.

Polish Fiat 508 field cars and pick up trucks. Polish mobile SP anti -aircraft guns and crews. still ongoing but very close to completion.

Becker German conversion of the French P107 armored personnel carrier, mortar unit, ambulance and Pak carrier versions. I’m working on the hull, with its unusual shape, being a single piece casting …we shall see. Still ongoing……..

I also have a desire to list and load all the EWM Commonwealth early war infantry types that are made, but not fully photographed and listed on the site. Wow, there are lots and I found some masters I have never molded so, lots to come….

Australians will follow as well as mid war British for Italy and late north Africa and far east.

So, hopefully that will wet the appetite, so watch out for updates?

Remember, its our job to tempt you………..and make you smile. I hope to  be better able to do that once I have moved and set up in sunny Ventnor……

PS – I’m close to the location of the German Raid on one of our RADAR stations in WW2, so “battlefield tours” may be available in 2020….?


Paul [email protected]