Update 14th February  …Busy busy BUSY…!

We are experiencing a high number of orders right now so please bear with us whilst we make your EWM goodies. I appreciate your patience during these busy times.

However, I have managed to get the French Tank Stowage sets finished, stock made and on the site…Enjoy

French tanks every where…….? Inspired over the xmas hols, I got down to some serious remastering and molding. Im very pleased to announce that i have a whole load of new French tank models released with a few more to follow. 

Many of the popular models are now in the EWM “BUILT & READY” format using a combination of our plastic resin and white metal castings.

New versions created, even French tank stowage and accessories to make your French tanks look like they are on campaign, not the parade ground.

So, 3 versions of the Renault R-35 featuring different guns either SA18 short barreled low velocity 37mm gun or the better SA38 long barreled, high velocity gun. command versions across the range which feature radio Ariel’s, commander with separate head options, more stowage. Same goes for the Hotchkiss H35 and H39.

New Renault D1 and D2 with the D2 having different main gun options.

New Somua S35 with optional stowage and other accessories.

NEW Panhard 178 armoured car with a command option.

Turrets now feature in white metal and NO MOLD LINES……yes, some clever mold making means these are good to go out of the bag.

Last but not least, Tom Lobley made a splendid Polish TKS3 tankette. Now on the webstore, 3 minute build time…gorgeous…

Its been a big investment in time and energy, but I think the results and feed back so far, prove it has been worth it. See them all at shows this year.

Remember, its our job to tempt you………..and make you smile?


Paul [email protected]